The Horror! The Horror! …Also The Sci Fi!!: A Look Into My Dark Love Affair With Horror/Sci Fi Games Part 2

Welcome back to part two of my look into horror/sci fi gaming franchises. Last time I gave you a glimpse of my trials and tribulations with Resident Evil, and today I will be diving into Dead Space. An opera of galactic horror sung like a blood soaked aria. Grab my hand readers, as this one is going to be a trip into madness.


Being the Resident Evil fan I am, I was very excited to hear that a new game called Dead Space was going to be released. Watching trailers and looking at pictures gave me a wicked fear boner. Derelict ship afloat in space with creatures out of Satan’s nightmare, count me the fuck in. I picked up the first one, and on recommendation from my buddy (who actually had heart palpitations, almost wrote heart Palpatines there…which on a tangent, is what we should change that term to…) told me to play it in short bursts as I would be scared shitless. NAY I said!! I will play this with the lights off, and with headphones. Ten minutes in, my lights were back on and the headphones smashed on the floor. This game is scary. Especially in the Zero G sections when you can’t hear the creepy crawlies approaching you, only seeing them when they are putting ketchup on the sandwich they just made out of your flesh.  The thing with Dead Space is the fact that you literally can murder anything, and in the most horrible of fashions. The Necromorphs do not stay down unless you hack off all of their limbs and then stomp them the fuck out. The sound of necros falling underfoot is fiercely satisfying. I love this approach to sci fi/horror mainly due to the fact that it’s a contained fear. It makes you feel claustrophobic in your nightmare, and amps up the fact that humans are not really made to be kept in such close quarters for so long.  Even though it’s not officially you that is in the ship, you are still controlling the fate of the man behind the mask.


Dead Space definitely plays somewhat similar to the more recent RE titles, except you need to be way more visceral in your dispatching of enemies. Sure you can go in guns blazing, but that will only get you so far due to the Necros not staying down as previously stated. It makes you think more about where to shoot, who to shoot first, and who to keep shooting even after you think they are down. And Odin bless you if you have a fear of air vents. This game will make you hate them even more, and you may find yourself nailing the ones in your home shut permanently. It’s what I did. I don’t care who you are, but when the time comes when Earth is infested with Necromorphs, I’ll at least have some sort of security measures in place while you remember how badly you made fun of me for being prepared. You brought this upon yourself.  Crawling around the ground and over ceilings, the Necros do not move in the same way that normal RE Zombies move in. They are faster, stronger, and they have weapons. Bones broken into blades, tentacles protruding out of the backs of babies, and dismembered bodies slithering across the ground make you feel bad about the poor souls who had to endure that sort of end. You always seem to know that something is watching you, or coming after you, but you never know from where, and with what equipment it’s going to have. Arm blades suck balls, but arm blades on a four legged spider human are a thousand times worse. Trust me….its why I never went to my prom.


Horror and Sci Fi have been a huge part of my life ever since I was a kid. I have been honored with being able to see so many movies, and play so many games in those genres, that its more of a part of me than I would’ve ever thought. I find myself searching more for those movies than anything else on Netflix or television, and scouring shelves for those games at local establishments( I will not name the establishment, as I am not a fan of them, but I am left with little other choice). The only sad part is now that most movies have become quite stagnant in terms of horror, with a few exceptions (John Dies at The End!!!), so I have been leaning more towards the game sections. I recently picked up Dead Space 3, and while not as creepy as the first two, it is still a good entry in the series. There is also co-op, which I have been loving. I play with my buddy over Xbox Live, so if any of you want to join up with me, or join your game, hit me up! SoreBackDoor is my gamertag, and if I have the time, I’m always down to slay some necros with some good people. Now just a warning to you all though, I may play a lot of games, but that doesn’t make me good. Also, I tend to do a lot of “sight seeing” when playing games. So be prepared for the long haul. I am very happy to have been able to bring you guys a new 2 parter, following up my critically and globally acclaimed “Meet the Vault Hunters” two parter.

Here’s to you all! And thanks for reading (like you had a choice!!)

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