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Who Review: The Bells of Saint John


Greetings Evil Geeks and welcome to our new weekly review of all things Who!  In my section of the Evil Lair, Doctor Who has become appointment TV whenever a new series starts.  Saturday nights everything comes to a halt for that one glorious hour of television, so I figured why not take the opportunity to write a weekly about everyone’s favorite Galifreyan.  After a bittersweet farewell to Amy and Rory at the mid-series finale and a Christmas special that saw Clara Oswald die for a heart-breaking second time, it goes without saying that there’s a great deal of anticipation built up as we start this second half of the series.  So how does the Doctor find another incarnation of the “Impossible Girl” and how does she do on her first official trip out as a companion? Let’s get the discussion underway and we’ll all find out!

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Hoppy Easter from The Brotherhood of Evil Geeks!

Good Morning Ladies and GentleNerds!

The Evil Geeks want to wish you a Happy Easter and hope that you got enough candy to last you through the morning. Check out this Egg-Tastic Justice League pic sent to us by the cool and lovely little chicks at Fan Girls Are We! Make sure you visit them to check out all their cool stuff!


Now its time to just kick back, relax, have a sugar high and enjoy the day!

Be on the look out for our brand new segment titled Who Review by C-Mart later today and then get ready for some good ol’fashion violence in Westeros tonight with the return of Game of Thrones!

Later Nerds!

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Comic Book Panel of the Day 3/30/13

Hey Evil Geeks!

Gorr is so evil that we may give him our summer internship!

Gorr is so evil that we may give him our summer internship!

Today’s Panel of the Day comes from Thor God of Thunder #6. If you aren’t reading this title yet, then shame on you! Last week Greekimus gave us a review to catch up on the series and you can check it out right here! Jason Aaron has been giving us quite a good story about a God-Killer named Gorr that has you waiting on the edge of your seat for the next issue. In my mind its harder to create new and great villains for our existing heroes than to create a new hero, but Gorr is absolutely epic! Issue 6 tells us the origin of Gorr and explains where his hate for the Gods has come from. Our panel comes from the last page of the book and leaves a great cliffhanger, check it out…

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Evil Geek Book Report – The Infinity Gauntlet


Marvel sure does love their crossovers, don’t they? Well let’s go back to 1991 when they were less plentiful. The Infinity Gauntlet immediately begins with a prologue of the events from the Rebirth Of Thanos to catch the reader up to speed. The Titan, Thanos in order to do Death’s bidding has collected all six Infinity Gems which give him powers far beyond a God. Literally anything he wishes for or thinks of can be accomplished. Part of the reason Thanos has done this is to impress the lady Death and win her affection. As Martian Luthor Kang put it, “he literally has a hard on for Death”. There is enough weird psychosexual stuff going on here for Freud to write a book about. Thanos plan backfires though since the Infinity Gems made him an entity far beyond that of Death that she can only be subservient to him and not his equal.

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Villain Spotlight: DC Announces Villain Spotlight DVD…Stole My Idea?

Good morrow fair geeks and geekettes! I was scanning through Facebook yesterday, and noticed a slight announcement on my newsfeed, by none other than DC comics. I was excited as I love hearing about new things being released and enjoy seeing little teasers and previews before they come out. However, what I saw shocked me to my core and made me throw my hands to my keyboard to write up a response. Ladies and gentleman, DC has announced a Villain Spotlight(ish) DVD that they will be releasing soon. Yes, you heard me, DC has taken a cue from good ol’ Arthur and have begun shining a light on more than just their heroes….and I am flustered with borderline happiness and slight bitterness.

Now before I continue, I just want to say that this is not a bashing of DC in any way whatsoever. I love DC and I encourage them wholeheartedly to continue featuring villains in a more prominent role, and I am actually excited about this DVD, but it is something I would’ve loved to be involved in. I came up with the Villain Spotlight idea on a whim a few months ago, and have been having a blast writing them for you all. I understand that there have been other writers who have done things like this, but we all know that Arthur does it best. It’s something that is in my blood and commands me to put it on paper and share it with you all. That out of the way, let’s get to the point of the article…The Villains!


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The Wolverine: Ok… This Might Not Suck


How’s it going Evil Geeks?!?!  The official movie trailer for The Wolverine hit yesterday and trust me when I say that I’m shocked to announce that it actually looks pretty good.  After the craptacular that was the first Wolverine movie and ever since Darren Arronofski skipped out on directing, my hopes for this sequel were not high.  I get what they were trying to go for with the first Wolverine movie; it had an air of early nineties era Wolverine solo book.  The characters in the film and elements of the plot were drawn right out of that era, which is honestly one of favorites for the character.  I’m partially biased because that’s when I first started reading comics, when Wolverine was only on 2 superhero teams as opposed to all of them and still had a lot of mystery surrounding his past.  I get it, I really do.  The execution if those elements though just didn’t pan out quite right.  They really screwed up Deadpool (to make an enormous understatement), they altered the plot from what it originally was in the book, they screwed up Gambit, and don’t even get me started on trying to reconcile the timeline/continuity of that movie with the timeline/continuity of the X-Men movies (Don’t you think Sabertooth would have mentioned to Logan just ONCE during the time that they fought each other in the first X-men movie that they were brothers or whatever?). Anyway, that’s all in the past and we here in the Brotherhood are all about moving onwards and ever upwards so I’m glad the trailer for this flick looks pretty good.  Although I probably said that about the first movie’s trailer too, so what do I know?  This one’s going to focus on Wolverine’s time in Japan involving the whole fracas with Mariko and Clan Yashida.  If you look closely, you can spot comic characters like Viper and Silver Samurai, so I’m desperately hoping that they don’t do those characters as poorly as the did the ones in the first movie.  Seriously, Deadpool is the Merc With a Mouth, SO WHY THE HELL DOES HE NOT HAVE A MOUTH IN THE FIRST MOVIE!!!!!  I’m sorry for yelling.  It’s still a sore spot.  HE HAD SWORDS IN HIS GOD DAMN ARMS!!!!! HOW DO YOU BEND YOUR F@#%ING  ELBOWS WITH SWORDS IN YOUR ARMS!!!!!!!!!!  Sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry… it just really gets me riled up.  I’m going to sequester myself in the Evil Lair’s Rage Room (It’s just a huge rubber room filled with those clowns that you punch and they just pop back up.  They’ve all got pictures of Ryan Reynolds’ face in a Green Lantern mask taped to them), so why don’t you check out this trailer while I go work out a few issues.

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