The Horror! The Horror! …Also The Sci Fi!!: A Look Into My Dark Love Affair With Horror/Sci Fi Games Part 1

My hands are shaking. I have not seen another sane human being in days. Flashlight flickering, I make my way towards the bridge in hopes of finding a way out. Something…someone…everything has been following me. I keep my finger firmly on the trigger. I stalk the hallways quickly, but quietly, keeping my ears open for any sound, and my eyes rocketing back and forth searching for movement. They are nowhere and everywhere. My mind is racing with the horrors of what I have seen. Flesh twisted , bones broken, souls ripped from their bodies. Bodies melding, and forming new, horrific perversions of life.  Blood soaks the walls of this corridor. The streaks of hand smeared blood on the walls tell stories of the ones who did not make it. Torn screaming from their beds and work stations, they were handed over into the hands of God in a bloody mess of parts and offal. Were they the lucky ones? To die quickly at the beginning before being forced to experience the nightmare of loneliness and despair? I clutch my rifle tighter.

How easy it would be just to put a bullet in my own mouth and end this? The taste of the metal , the feel of the steel before pulling the trigger and ending it in sweet release…  An end to the torment and suffering of existence in this floating tomb… I cannot. I must make it, I must make it to the bridge. They are close, but I am closer. I can make it. I throw myself through the door and shut it behind me as a spike of bone and flesh comes screaming down the corridor towards me. I manage to shut the door in time to hear the crunch of the creature against the door. It splatters to the ground, but they never stay down for long. It will rise again, and by then, I will hopefully be gone. I can hear the rest of them pounding on the door. Scratching, clawing, tearing at themselves just to get to me. It is oddly satisfying to deny them a tasty treat such as myself. But satisfaction does not last long in this terrifying new world I find myself in. Glass shatters, and the pitter patter of tiny feet awakes me from my moment of reverie. I turn as quick as I can, but not quick enough.  Shooting forth from the creature is a tangle of tentacles, wrapping around my throat. I fight for air, and my life as it attempts to strangle me. I loosen the vines, and throw the creature to the ground, introducing it to the heel of my boot. The crunch is a disgusting mix of relief and the will to live. I wipe the blood from my face and massage my throat. I slump to the ground and attempt to catch my breath. I have to survive. I have to. I look forward towards the broken glass, and a glimmer of hope arrives. A rescue ship! What glorious relief to see it hovering mere feet away from. My smile broadens as I walk towards the broken window….but all is not as it seems. The windshield is blood covered, and the pilot is attempting to break out of the front of the ship…screaming and clawing at his face. The door bursts open behind me…they have broken through….I ready my gun…I steel my nerves…I fire………..END TRANSMISSION…

Holy shit! How intense was that? I got goosebumps just writing it. I am assuming now that most of you have either shit your pants, or locked yourselves in your bedrooms, that you are ready to be treated with a palate cleanser… and here it is!

I can hear your groans and cries of bullshit all the way here in my tower. Its mouth watering. Sorry guys and girls, but this one is about to inject you with some horror/sci fi goodness.


I have recently ( in the past 10 years or so) become obsessed with certain types of horror/sci fi games. Namely the ones that let me murder everything ghoulish or demon like that shuffles and groans its way into my path. Mostly staying towards the Resident Evil and Dead Space variety (sorry Silent Hill, I love you, but that’s for another day/article). The sheer terror felt while traversing abandoned streets or long stretches of derelict ships has got quite the hold on me. It all started with Resident Evil 2, which was the first horror game I had ever played. It scared the shit out of me. I borrowed it from my buddy’s brother, and promptly returned it to him at 6 am the following day. I was scared beyond belief. I had grown up watching horror movies and Tales From The Crypt, but actually playing and being involved was somewhat more than I could handle at that time period. It’s a completely different kind of fear. In movies, you aren’t the one running around about to be killed by some horrible creature that wants nothing more than to make a nice sandwich out of your dick. In games, you are the dick. It’s a twist in media that puts you directly into the shoes of the accosted, and it makes it that much more intense. Walking through the game and just waiting to be eaten and or torn apart, engrosses you in the nightmare that your avatar (I hate that fucking word) is currently dealing with. It makes the fear factor rise up well beyond eleven.

resident evil 2 hallway

The original Resident Evil and going up as far as Code Veronica, was more of a survival horror affair. Never enough ammo, and everything trying to kill you, made you question your decisions in terms of item usage. Should I use my shotgun to feed this zombie a bowl of hot lead? Or should I save it and just run by him, knowing that something much more sinister is waiting for you? It gives you a more “real life” approach to the whole situation, mainly due to movies suffering from “endless clip” syndrome. I played almost all of these, but was seriously frustrated at the lack of murdering capabilities. Fantastic games however, as they really set a standard for horror media. Then came Resident Evil 4. If you are reading this, finish up, and then go play that game. A wonder of a game that brought new life (and possibly killed) the franchise , introducing a new over the shoulder camera, and the ability to literally kill the fuck out of everything, made me play this game for hours on end. The quick time events (somewhat new, and sometimes frustrating) were a fine addition to the game and essentially made cut scenes playable. It was a fresh take on the series and introduced the style that we are used to now in our Resident Evil games. Not to say that the new ones are great though. RE5 was enjoyable, but RE6 is something I still have to work up the courage to play. For the RE fans out there, you know what I mean.


I was originally going to make this one HUGE article, but decided that you, my loyal readers, deserve a special two parter. I know I just got you guys all whet (your appetite), and I plan on giving you guys another dose of horror/sci fi gaming deliciousness. Now I do not consider these reviews in a sense, its more of a dialogue on my own journeys and how I dealt with the things put in front of me concerning horror and sci fi. It’s somewhat of an homage being paid to specifically two franchises I grew to love and enjoy immensely…. Much like a whole bunch of mothers out there. Tune in soon for part two where I tackle Dead Space. Figuratively and literally. Now you must excuse me as I deliver a punch to the taint of these necros and make them believe that they will suck the big one.

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