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It’s with deep sadness and a heavy heart today that the Evil Geeks say goodbye to a fallen hero, Robin himself; Damian Wayne. Six years ago Grant Morrison created this crazy little son of a bitch who pretty much invited himself into the Batcave (trying to take out Tim Drake whenever he could.) Raised by the league of assassins, this smug little boy came into the Wayne household with a chip on his shoulder but over time learned that there was more to being a hero than just knowing how to beat the hell out of somebody! Relationships formed between this young man and every member of the Bat-family, but most especially with us readers, so the Evil Geeks would like to take a moment to say a little something about this fallen hero.

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Damien….what can be said that hasn’t been said already? You were kind of a little prick…and I mean that with the best of intentions. I didn’t now you too well, but I feel like in the time we had together, we made the most of it. From finding out the man who is the Bat is your father, to beating the shit out of thugs on a nightly basis, you had the life that an uncountable number of people would kill to have. You made yellow and red kind of badass. I have a feeling a Lazarus Pit may be in your future, but we may never know. You have made Burt Ward proud. Here’s to you young Master Wayne.


I didn’t know the departed, but I extend my deepest sympathies to his family…and Alfred.


Hey, little guy. It saddens me to see you go.  The moment that he formally took up the mantle of Robin he rose he became my favorite of all the bearers. The team of Dick and Damian made for the most interesting Batman stories I’ve personally read. It wasn’t necessarily the plots, it was the.. well, the Dynamic of the Dynamic Duo.  Dick Grayson as Batman was something we’d rarely seen: A Dark Knight who was unsure of himself and still learning the ropes. Add to that a cocky sidekick who, in many ways, was actually the superior of his mentor and baby you’ve got a stew going!I guess the only positive thing about Damian’s short time in the DC Universe is that he never really had a chance to be mishandled. Aside from being a major character across Grant Morrison’s 7 years of Batman comics and Peter Tomasi’s followup work on Batman and Robin,  he also had a fantastic turn in Teen Titans where he assumed that as Robin he was heir apparent for the leader of the group.  It’s that sort of portrayal that made him one of my favorite DC characters;  His smug sense of superiority belies a warrior’s spirit and a vulnerable soul.   He was such a little soldier when he and his mother parted ways… it actually made me a little misty.



DAMN IT!!!!!!   You were the cool Robin!  I can stand here and give you some kind of half-assed, kindly worded bullshit eulogy about what a tragedy it is whenever a kid dies, but I really wouldn’t mean any of it.  I just recently got into this character and of course the next big thing they do with him is kill him.  I think we’ve truly been robbed of an amazing character who had plenty of stories left to tell, but now he’s been cut down before he can even reach his prime…by a clone of himself no less!!!  I’m going to miss the little psychopath, but let’s be honest; chances are he won’t be gone that long.  He’s Ra’s Al Ghul’s grand-kid after all.  That’s got to buy him at least one free trip to a Lazarus Pit! Somebody get Carl Grimes on the phone and let him know he’s moved up a spot on the list of comic pre-teen badasses.  At least until Damian’s resurrected and comes back to kick his ass.


I’ve been a Bat-fan forever and I wont lie, in the beginning I did not like this kid at all; in fact I hoped that he’d be gone within a year. But as time went on this little psychopath grew on me for a ton of reasons, but what I liked best was the relationships that he had with Dick, Alfred, and most of all Bruce. In the last issue of Death of the Family when Bruce ran up to Damian and embraced him because he wasn’t hurt was such a touching moment. This little kid made Bruce a better man on so many levels, he made him care for people more than the mission. It’s that father-son relationship that I’m going to miss the most, both in and out of costume.

hug it out

Goodnight Sweet Prince


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