The Art Of Mario 3

If you’re a regular visitor to our site you might be able to tell that lately I’ve been on a bit of an old school nintendo kick…well actually all my life, new video games scare me. As I was doing research on the Mario 3 article about that wonderful green boot I came across some of the art depicting each of the various worlds for Mario 3, each with it’s own particular theme. I have no idea where these come from, I have the original booklet that came with the game, but they aren’t in there. If anyone has any information on the artist or where these originally appeared, I’d love to know. I like how (in my opinion) it seems like japanese art that is trying to appeal to Americans by being just cartoony enough and not making the jump to full on manga.









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  1. They’re from the Nintendo Power strategy guide for the game.

    • Ah, thanks Nathan. I had that as a kid, which makes sense now on why I had seen them before. Do you happen to know the name of the artist? I’d love to to see some of his other work or see if I can get any prints of those Mario pictures…

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