The Walking Dead Zombie Round-Up: I Ain’t a Judas

Rick and the Gang get ready to unleash a welcoming hail of bullets.

Rick and the Gang get ready to unleash a welcoming hail of bullets.


Welcome back ambulatory corpse fans to Zombie Round-Up, the Brotherhood of Evil Geeks weekly dose of undead!  After last week’s borderline filler episode, I was glad to see things take a more productive turn story-wise this episode.  The Governor’s manipulation machine is operating at full capacity (ewww, hopefully he’s remembered to clean that manipulation machine after each use) and it looks like Rick might finally be getting his shit together.  Let’s get this Round-Up underway!

Okay, we finally have exactly enough people to spell out zombie if we all twist into the appropriate shapes.

Okay, we finally have exactly enough people to spell out “zombie” if we all twist into the appropriate shapes.

First off, over at Woodbury, Andrea’s found out about the shoot out that the Gov and his men were involved in.  She’s not too happy about it and just like Chris Brown’s entourage at a nightclub, the Governor blames the other group for starting the fight.  Andrea buys it hook, line, and sinker, but she still wants to take a trip to the prison to see if she can smooth things over.  The Governor and his men are prepping for an all out battle, but Andrea wants to avoid the bloodshed between the people of Woodbury and her old friends at any cost.  Whilst pulling a Jack Donaghy, doing some moping in his office over a glass of scotch, One-Eyed Philly tells Andrea in the most emo way possible that if she goes to the prison then she can just stay there for all he cares, because get out, I hate you, and girls are stupid!  Andrea tries to scheme with Milton so she can quietly slip off to the prison to speak with her friends, but doesn’t realize that Milton is pretty much the Governor’s own personal Smithers, so he runs right to the Gubernatorial one and tells him what Andrea’s up to.  The Gov tells Milton to help her do whatever she asks and assist her in getting to the prison.  This is interesting, because it makes you think: Did he anticipate that Andrea would disobey him, and by heading into the prison is she unknowingly helping him carry out a diabolical plan? Is the Governor that thought out or is he really just an unhinged psycho at this point?

Back at Prison-Bury, everyone living there is as sick of Crazy Rick as I know I certainly am.  Hershel calls Rick out; letting him know that he understands why Rick’s going bonkers, but reminds him of the fact that he no longer has the luxury of being able to lose his shit because he’s responsible for other people’s lives.  Rick storms off in an emo rage of his own and heads outside to brood.  Carl joins him and suggests that maybe it’s time for Rick to give up some of that responsibility that he’s taken upon himself.  Carl says now that Darryl is back, it’s an opportunity for Rick to share some of the leadership duties with him.  I noticed during this scene that Chandler Rigg is starting to look a little older than the supposedly 10 or 11-year-old Carl at this point and I’m wondering how the writers are going to handle this.  The easy way out of this one would be to kill him off, which would kind of suck.  Carl’s a great character and I’d be sad to see some of his stories from the comic, not get told in the show.  If they don’t want to go that route, then there’s going to have to be a time-lapse of some sort to explain Carl’s aging, but then they’d have to sacrifice the natural flow of the narrative and risk having a disjointed story.  It’ll be interesting to see how they go about writing themselves around that situation.

Arrrrggggghhhh!!!!  I got kicked to the curb twice by the same person in this episode!

Arrrrggggghhhh!!!! I got kicked to the curb twice by the same person in this episode!  I gotta HAND it to my agent though, he finally got me on the show!

Andrea’s arrival at the prison isn’t exactly met with open arms.  The prison folk hold her at gunpoint as she initially enters and are distrustful of her the entire time she’s there.  Michonne in particular has a bone to pick with Andrea, telling her that the only reason she returned to Woodbury with Rick was to expose the Governor to the town for who he really is, just because she knew it would hurt Andrea.  Interesting motivation considering Michonne’s recent attempted romantic endeavors in the comic.  Does she have something of a crush on Andrea?  After the initial tension and learning that Andrea had been lied to, the distrust subsides somewhat between the survivors and her. When Carol introduces Andrea to L’il Ass-Kicker, Carol tells Andrea that she can end this entire conflict with some strategic sex and a well hidden knife.  Interestingly enough, the scenario begins to play out by the end of the episode.  In an incredibly tension filled scene, after confessing to the Governor that she went to the prison, then some steamy make up sex, Andrea slips out of bed and grabs the knife that Rick gave her before she left the prison.  She holds the knife to the sleeping Governor’s throat for a moment, but ends up reconsidering.  The whole time I was waiting for the Governor to wake up, catch her in the act and kill her, but by the time the credits roll, she’s still alive.  We’re left to spend the week pondering if she’ll go through with the act or if she’ll be caught.

Speaking of loose ends…yeah it turns out even when you play it safe, things can still come back and bite you in the ass.  After being booted from the prison by an insane Rick, Tyreese’s group ends up at Woodbury in the welcoming arms of the Governor himself.  After finding out that the group previously had been at the prison, the Gov gets suddenly interested in his new visitors.  It turns out anyone in the group who isn’t Tyreese is ready to head back to the prison immediately to kick some ass.  Tyreese seems hesitant, but realizing that he has an opportunity for safety and comfort in Woodbury, says that he’ll do what he needs to do in order to stay.  I really hope Tyreese ends up becoming one of the prison folk, but this diversion from the comic story could be some great TV.  Tyreese and his group know about the secret entrance into the prison, I”m sure it’s only a matter of time before one of them tells the Governor about it.  Will they return to kill the prison people?  Have we seen the last of Crazy Rick?  Will the Governor get that stunning diamond covered eyepatch he saw at Tiffany’s the other day?  I guess we’ll find out next week.  Same zombie time, same zombie channel.  Unless you’re DVR’ing it.  Then it’s whatever time you want to watch it.  The important thing to remember is to come back here for an all new Zombie Round-Up afterwards!

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