Panel of the Day 2/24/13

Happy Sunday Nerds!

Today’s Panel of the Day is from the new Justice League #17 which ends the Throne of Atlantis storyline. There were some great panels in this story by the amazing Ivan Reis, but the one that I picked to highlight includes our the League battling a horde of creatures from the deep known as The Trench. Check it out…


My favorite part of this whole image has gotta be the Atlantean soldiers riding the giant seahorses! Seriously where the Hell do those things come from!!??? I guess there special oversized-seahorse ranches in the depths of Atlantis, thats the only explanation, right? Rein makes these things look pretty badass, I always remember the one that Aquaman had being pretty docile, just like the one Raj wore on the Big Bang Theory a couple years back.

Seriously, this Seahorse makes my ass look huge!

Seriously, this Seahorse makes my ass look huge!

Anyway, Ivan Reis has been kicking ass in the DCU for years on titles such as Green Lantern and Aquaman, but now that he’s on the League I know that we’ll be in for a treat and you can count on us to highlight some more shots from this amazing artist!

Til Next Time Nerds!

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