Evil Geek Book Report – Uncanny X-Men #1

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It’s Greekimus Prime and I come bearing gifts.  Todays’ gift is a review of the brand new book from Marvel, The Uncanny X-Men #1.  If you haven’t been reading any of the Marvel Now books, you are missing out.  The majority of the titles all have their story arcs intertwined.  The main antagonist in the Marvel Universe, in the wake of Avengers vs. X-Men, is none other than the new mutant messiah, Cyclops.  Up until this book, you’ve only got glimpses of this new team of X-Men in the All New- X-Men, Uncanny Avengers and Cable and the X-Force.  Now you get a closer look at what’s going on behind the scenes, and it’s pretty cool.


The first issue starts out with a secret informant waiting to meet S.H.I.E.L.D. director Maria Hill.   You don’t know who this mystery person is until the end of the issue.  But, whoever he is, it’s someone powerful enought to scare Maria Hill and ther agents.   This informant shares information about Cyclops’ current condition.


After their interaction with the Dark Phoenix, Cyclops, Magneto and Emma Frost have lost the ability to fully control their powers. In one of the previous issues of All New X-Men, we see this when Magneto and Cyclops try to free Emma Frost. Magneto, the former master of magnetism, yes, the former master, is unable to control a car speeding their direction and has to jump out of the way.  This problem is made more apparent when the X-Men are attacked by a group of Sentinels, in this issue.  Magneto, unbale to simply crush these metal monsters with a wave of his arm, is forced to run and hide like a common mutant.


He does seem to be able to control smaller objects, as he is able to disarm local and federal law enforment officials armed with guns.  Emma Frost seems to have lost her telapathis abilities, bu she can still turn into her diamond form, making her one of the most expensive mutants alive.  And as for Cyclops, he simply can’t control his optic blast.  The power he weilds though, as showcased brilliantly by Chris Bachalo’s art, is pretty awesome.  He reduced the attacking sentinels to ash as he unleashes his uncontrolable blast.

As seen in previous issues of All New X-Men, Cyclops, the new mutant messiah, is on a holy mission to recruit new mutants to his cause.  He plans on carrying Xaviers memory through his brand of the X-Men.  Throughout the issue, you slowly begin to witness the change in this iconic figure.  More and more he’s become a big time player in the Marvel universe.  Not only is he recruiting, but a large amount of people and mutants are recognzing him as revolutionary hero.  That could be bad for anyone that stands in the way of his new vision for all mutant kind.

Which brings us to the end and the identity of our mystery informant….


That’s right, the snitch is Magneto.  There is dissention amongst the ranks of these new Uncanny X-Men.  Maybe, he blaims Cyclops for losing the full potential of his powers.  Maybe, he’s pissed off about going bald, who knows.  What I do know, is that I can’t wait for the next issue.   That’s all for now Nerds, stay Geeky, start reading and joing the REVOLUTION!

Rating: B+

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