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In our ongoing attempts to probe the darkest recesses of Martian Luthor Kang’s mind we present to you the newest installment of our Ask Kang series. Should you so desire, you can catch up on part 1  and part 2.


Last time we asked about what comics sold the most, I’d like to know what the most surprising series that sells a lot?

Saga  keeps picking up steam. It’s not a complete surprise, as Brian K Vaughan’s stuff has historically done that, but it’s always a bit of a shock that it never seems to stop. Each issue sells more than the last and it’s hard to keep the back stock on the floor.

Sales wise which is selling more, DC’s the New 52 or Marvel Now?

New 52 started back in 2011, but Marvel Now just relaunched, so they’re back on top.

In your opinion which of the above reboots has been better to read?


I’ve pleasantly surprised with most of Marvel Now, and the new 52 didn’t do much for me, despite my eagerness to get into more DC books. It comes down to creators, DC has a select few of my favorite writers and a handful of top-notch artists on hand, but they’ve also got an army of indistinguishable no name artists. Marvel has dozens of artists I follow and some sensational writers to boot. Plus, Marvel’s editorial department at least tries for continuity.

Who is your favorite artist working in the medium today?

J.H. Williams III.

Why do you think it has become increasingly rare for a committed writer/artist team to stay on a book for great lengths of time?

I think it’s partly the editorial staff wanting to move rising stars to properties that need some attention, and then once the aforementioned stars are too big to be told what to do, they seem to want to dip their toes in a lot of different pools. Also, I would certainly understand if a creator working for hire didn’t want to get too invested in someone else’s characters. People tend to stick with their own properties a lot longer, even if the capacity shifts as time goes by.

Recommend a current comic series.


Hawkeye by Matt Fraction, David Aja and company. It’s a great series that focuses on a character in whom I’d never before been interested.

You’re the one that broke the news to me that Peter Parker was molested as a child. How did you find out?

I had that book when I was a little kid, but I only remembered the Power Pack storyline. When I was older, I bought another copy nostalgically and discovered the awful secret Peter had been hiding.

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