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Hello there my faithful readers and servants! Today I bring to you another edition of the Brotherhood of Evil Geeks presents: Villain Spotlight! This week, we have someone near and dear to a host of geek’s hearts, and on a suggestion from my fellow contributor Biff,  I decided to give him the spotlight. You know him, you love him (at least I do), he hates his boss…..from the skies of Cybertron straight  to your computer screen….Starscream!!!


Most of us at some point have wanted to just punch one of our bosses right in the face. The difference with Starscream is that he would actually do it. Never one to be silent with his criticism of Megatron’s leadership, Starscream has continually attempted to usurp control from the Decepticon leader on multiple occasions, albeit with relatively comical and disastrous outcomes. Megatron, being the asshole and capable leader that he is, doesn’t even consider Starscream an issue considering how many failed attempts have been made to take over. He keeps him there more for observation’s sake, and because you need a guy like Starscream on your team. Every group of robots should have an intelligent psychopath waiting in the wings…just in case.

Adding to his sheer badassfuckery is the fact that he is actually a genius. A more modern/progressive way of thinking has Starscream using strategies and schemes that make Megatron look vastly outdated. Willing to use more than just brute strength and attacks to implement his will, Starscream uses guile and agility to take care of his enemies. Most of the time, his plans fail worse than Megatron’s, but you can’t knock the guy for lack of trying. Sometimes, when old things aren’t working properly anymore, we have no choice but to replace them with new ones. Its sad sometimes, but a necessary evil.  I find it hysterical to witness the banter between Starscream and Megatron during these moments of disagreement. Mainly because he is so ruthless in his criticism, but doesn’t seem to fare any better himself. Its like when you make fun of your Dad for not being able to hang up a picture frame properly, and then put the hammer through the wall while trying the same thing. It’s an amazing back and forth that is always entertaining to watch.

Starscream changes

Eventually, Starscream is put into suspended animation due to his defeat at the hands of Omega Supreme, but is thawed out and teams up with one of my favorite characters, Galvatron. Now here is where it gets fishy, mainly due to time paradoxes and future lines (which would be too much for a single article to handle, due to raw power,) Starscream and Galvatron have a falling out, and Galvatron “ kills” Starscream, who is actually was a repainted Skywarp, thus saving our favorite crazy person from death. Sorry Skywarp, but you most likely will not be missed. This was when multiple authors were writing stories for Transformers, and it can get rather confusing and slightly weird at times, but for those who read comics regularly, it’s not an uncommon occurrence. However, something magical does happen , and one of Starscream’s plans actually works, and after a huge battle between Autobots and Decepticons,  he seizes the power of the Underbase (make any joke you want, I will allow it) and becomes supremely powerful. Going so far as to “deactivate” (that’s kill for you kiddies out there) a host of Autobots, he almost succeeds in taking over everything, but much like all good things, it comes to a bitter end.  Which is unfortunate, because all the guy wanted was to kill everyone and be in control…is that so wrong?

Much like all of the Transformers, Starscream has a long list of toys and media dedicated to him. In my youth, I was lucky enough to have two Transformers toys that I treasured. One was Starscream, and the other was Soundwave. I didn’t really give a shit about the Autobots, except Optimus, because he is the fucking man. I would constantly make scenarios with Starscream and Soundwave taking over everything and ruling on a throne of broken Autobots and Decepticons (don’t judge me, that’s what Decepticons do for fun), I would always wonder how awesome it would be with Starscream in control of everything, but like stated above, that was an unfortunate disappointment. Mainly because waiting for so long to have what you want most, can be a little anti climactic when it doesn’t go the way you want it to. But then again, a villain never plays by the rules, and Odin help him, if he gets what he wants, he’s going to give it 150%.

starscream1_large toy

I know most of you are going to ask me why I did not include the Transformer live action movies in this article, which has a simple answer. That was not Starscream. Not my Starscream at least. Sure they made him rather cowardly, but they didn’t give him that sense of evil and wild card-esque persona that I had grown to love. I thought they did him an injustice by not making him like his cartoon counterpart. That is why I am not putting them in here. Also because fuck you, that’s why. I kid, I kid….but seriously. If you do get a chance to check out any of the old cartoons or comics featuring Starscream, I think you will be hard pressed to find a character with more pizzazz and flair than Starscream. Because in reality, we all know the crazy genius murdering types are always the best. Just look at Simon Phoenix.

Much like always, I am open to suggestions from readers on future Villain Spotlights. If you guys have anything you would want to see me write about, feel free to send them my way through twitter @ArthurHarkness, or just by leaving a comment. Who knows? Maybe one day I’ll give you a shout out, and possibly a hard on from said shout out. Later Geeks! I miss you already.

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