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In my time off from villainy, I’m a noted patron of the arts. And I’ve seen the spark of creativity in the eyes of two my fellow members of this Brotherhood, Messrs. Biff Tannen and Arthur Harkness. I’ve begun commissioning works of art which I shall display in our extensive gallery (and here on this site).   The catch?  I’ll commission a work on the same topic from each of them. Once I’ve received both pieces I’ll run them through a machine of my own design: The Collabotron 2600. The Collabtron will pull the finest points from both of the drawings and merge them into one perfect piece of art.

What will soon follow  is the first of these glorious productions.

Last week I provided these starving artists with a meal, a shilling, and an assignment:  Draw the Darth Vader/Luke Skywalker revelation scene from The Empire Strikes Back.  Great minds think alike and able hands must also draw alike, because within 20 minutes I received these two masterpieces.


Naturally, both artists chose “ballpoint on  sideways looseleaf” as the medium for this work.

The top selection, masterfully drawn by Biff Tannen, really sings to the pacifist in me. Father and son turned against one another in a senseless war.  Notice the dispassionate expression on the younger Skywalker’s face.

Conversely, Arthur Harkness’ submission truly captures the remorse that Vader immediately felt after severing his son’s hand. One could lose oneself in the sadness within those eyes.

So different in their moods, yet so very much the same in their composition. I found it curious that both of our masters chose to include captions in their illustrations, but that nuance did not go unappreciated.

And now, for the piece de resistance:

vader collaboration

The Collabotron chose Arthur’s Sad Vader and Biff’s confused Luke with goatee.

It belongs in a museum!

Come back for more fine art, you’ve got a season pass to the Evil Geeks Art Gallery.

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