Evil Geek Book Report – The Walking Dead: Governor Special


Greetings and mutations, Evil Geeks!  Welcome to another installment of our 9,782,241,677 part series of Evil Geek Book Reports.  Today we’re rehashing Image and SkyBound’s rehashing of the origin of the Governor, arguably the greatest villain to come out of  The Walking Dead, either in the books or the TV show.  So join us, won’t you?  Step inside to the Evil Lair and prepare to be book reported at!

For those about to ROCK...

For those about to ROCK…

Even with the ever blossoming popularity of The Walking Dead TV show, chances are the average viewer isn’t too familiar with the fact that the show’s villain, whom they all claim they adore, was originally from the pages of the comic.  The Governor’s Special is Image’s way of cashing in…er…excuse me, re-introducing the character to the new-found viewers turned comic readers.  The main portion of the book is a reprinting of The Walking Dead #27, which was the first appearance of the Governor.  However…the special does contain a small side story which originally appeared in a Comic Book Legal Defense Fund fundraising book, featuring the Apocalypse’s favorite politician and the origin of his zombie head aquariums.  I read the comic back when that book originally came out, but I don’t remember the zomb-quariums playing a big part of the story, so adding this small sidebar which references something that was featured more prominently in the TV show, seems like a ploy to lure in TV viewers as well as the die-hard fans who are willing to pay for an extra issue just because it has a few pages of new stuff in it.  I will say in the new material’s defense that the explanation for why the Governor has the tanks does make sense, although I can’t say as much for the resolution of the tank story.  I’m left to question why the Governor does what he does at the end.  He may be a twisted, evil bastard, but I don’t think he’d do what he ends up doing at the end without a good reason behind it.

The only reason the comic book Governor is smiling is because he has no clue that in the future, he'll be wishing he got off as easily as the TV Governor has (so far).  He'd literally give his left nut to trade places with him.  Ba-Dum-Bump Thank you, tip your waitress!

The only reason the comic book Governor is smiling is because he has no clue that in the future, he’ll be wishing he got off as easily as the TV Governor has (so far). He’d literally give his left nut to trade places with him. Ba-Dum-Bump Thank you, tip your waitress!

Even though it was material I’ve already read, I did enjoy going over issue #27 again.  It was nice to see so many characters still around who are no longer with us (BONUS: Carl still has a whole face!  And a Mom & Sister!), and be reminded exactly how far Rick, Carl, and Michonne have come since the prison days.  There’s a scene with Lori and Carl where he is try to ease her worries about Rick traveling to Woodbury for the first time and being away overnight.  Carl reassures her by telling her not to worry because Daddy always comes back safe.  It’s incredibly poignant not only because it’s a kid spending time with his mother shortly before she’s violently taken from him, but because as much as Rick has changed over the years, you see EXACTLY how far Carl has come to get to the person he is today.  In the scene he’s still a child not only in age, but in spirit as well.  He’s only a little bit older now and still a child, but he no longer has that hope and innocence he still has in this one scene with Lori (Plus, at this point he’d only killed Shane, he’s got a few more points added to his body count since then).  He’s more of a soldier now, but back then he was still only a kid pretending to be a cowboy most of the time.  Being reminded of who he was made me see the character as a more tragic figure, because he lost out on so much of being a kid (not only because he’s missing like a quarter of his skull).

If you’re a long time fan of the series like myself, you can probably skip out on picking up the reprint, but if you’re new to the Walking Dead…. well if you’re new to the series and you’re still reading this article, I’ve probably spoiled a whole bunch of stuff for you and for that I make no apologies.  We’re Evil…it’s in the title.  If you’re new and you think David Morrissey’s Governor is badass, then you should probably check this one out.  As evil as his Governor is, the one in the books is ten times slimier and evil than Morrissey’s.  That’s all the book reporting I’ve got for today, so come back soon for a brand new Evil Geek Book Report!

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