The Evil Geeks Top 5 Thunderdome Throwdown: Top Comic Book Fight Scenes!

Who run Evil Lair?!?!?

Who run Evil Lair?!?!?

This one was a no brainer as far as Top 5’s go.  Whenever you’re talking funny books with you friends, there’s always one topic that comes up again and again: What was your favorite comic book fight?  This month the Brotherhood of Evil Geeks is bringing you their top 5 favorite fight scenes not only here on the web site, but we’re also going to be featuring a Top 5 Live podcast to go along with it, where Arthur Harkness, Big Evil, and C-Mart go over everyone’s top 5 list and discuss the match-ups in depth.  That will be hitting the site and iTunes in a few hours, so to get you ready for the show, here’s each of the Evil Geeks Top 5:


Fight scenes are a natural product in the comics business. Sometimes, you just can’t talk someone down. You have to punch them and then drop a skyscraper on top of them. I realized this while arguing on the phone at work, and wished that I could Ray Palmer my way into the phone to slice this person’s ear with a tiny sword. Now folks in readerland, don’t think good ol’ Arthur here is an asshole….Sometimes…people just need a good whoopin.It got me thinking though, and I invited my fellow contributors to join me in naming off our top 5 favorite fight scenes in comics. You guys ready? Falcon Puuuuuuuunch!!!!

5) Deathstroke embarrasses everyone (Identity Crisis):

deathstroke identity crisis

Holy f was this fight awesome. The fact that he systematically just takes everyone out without really much trouble at all is just ridiculous. Granted he doesn’t win the fight, he still makes sure to let all involved that he is not to be fucked with.

4) The Sentry rips Ares in Half (Siege):


I guess more of a WTF? moment, this had me shaking my head in disbelief for quite a while. The battle itself was raging as anyone who is anyone in the marvel universe was coming to blows. In the midst of the battle, The Sentry and Ares engage, culminating in the Man with the power of a million exploding suns ends it with a bloody mass of guts and pieces. The look on the faces of ones who saw it happen was amazing as well. No one believed it possible, but the Sentry made it happen. Or should we call him the Void at that point?

3) Superman Prime and Sodam Yat are ridiculous(Green Lantern Corp):


If you have not gotten a chance to check out this battle, seriously go and do it now. The sheer force being exuded by these two is amazing. Superman Prime literally had just killed so many people and was losing his shit before Yat(infused with the Ion entity) entered the fray and took it to him. The scene in the lead factory has to be one of the sickest ever. Crushing blows and spears of lead rods go flying as these two literally beat the hell out of eachother.

2)Thor vs Bor (Thor):

thor vs bor

What can I say about my vikings going into battle with each other? Besides that it’s ridiculously awesome. Bor, being resurrected and seeing everyone as a demon, is confused and not sure what to think about what is happening before him. Thor arrives and doesn’t know how to handle his ancestor as he doesn’t want to fight, but knows he has to. What transpires is a battle of serious magnitude as the two asgardians go toe to toe in a fierce encounter.

1) Invincible vs Omni Man (Invincible):

invincible vs omniman

This has got to be one of the most intense battles ever. The realization that everything that has happened was in fact done by his father, Invincible learns a shocking truth, and in the moment enters such a devastating battle with his father. Completely one sided and heart breaking, the battle is in Omni Man’s favor as he trounces invincible. The dynamic of father and child really brings an air of importance and dread to this fight. The fact that Invincible refuses to give up and join his father is a testament to his heart and spirit. family members fighting each other is never good, but add in super powers and the ability to seriously do damage, and you have something that is a combination of emotionally devastating and beautiful all at the same time.


5) Spiderman vs. Lizard (Spiderman #5)
Spidey vs The Lizard

This epic battle between Spider-Man and the Lizard is my favorite Spidey fight scence. The artwork by McFarlane in the issue is incredible. I remember reading this book with some anxiety. At that time, I hadn’t seen Spider-Man involved in such a viloent confrontation with any enemy. The Lizard, controlled by Kraven’s daughter, seemed far more vicious than ever before. This fight was about survival of the fittest, very primal and downright violent. The image of Peter Parker being literally torn apart, blood everywhere, stands out as a top Spidey moment. McFarlane’s brief run in Spiderman (books 1-16) and his work in Amazing Spiderman, is still some of the best drawn images of Spider-Man that I have ever seen.

4) X-Men vs. The Shiar Empire (Uncanny X-MEN # 137 )
Jean Grey's Last Stand!

The first comic books I ever read were the Uncanny X-men, in particular, the Phoenix saga. The fight scene between the Shiar empire and the X-Men was something special. Cyclops was willing to let the Universe die to his save his girl. Any man alive would risk the universe, to save his smoking hot piece of ass girlfriend. After each of the X-Men is defeated, it comes down to Cyclops and Jen Grey trying to defeat the mighty Imperial guard of the Shiar by themselves. This battle is one of the greatest moments in X-Men history. On one hand they’re tyring to save a friend/loved one, and at the same time they are putting the saftety of the entire universe at risk. The moral dilemma faced by the X-Men in this story arc was epic.

3) Superman vs. Doomsday (Superman vol.2 # 75 )

If you haven’t read comics, you still know who Superman is. More importantly, you also know that he is supposed to be unbeatable. When the Death of Superman comic book came out, I peddled my Greek ass down to my local comic shop to buy it. After you unwrapped the black cover, you were greated with the image of a battered and bloody Superman in the arms of Louis Lane. Doomsday, kicks his ass up and down Metropolis. I remember studying each panel carefully. The look on Supermans face as Doomsday continues to come after him, regardless of how hard Superman hits back, stands out as in my opinion as one of those “oh shit, someone’s gonna die moments”, that come over you as you read something that you can’t believe is happening. I’m not going to lie, I enjoyed it. Of all the comic book heroes, this guy needs a new image. Think hollywood Hoagn joining the N.W.O!!!

2) Dark Phoenix (Scott Summers) vs. Marvel Universe (Avengers vs. X-men #12)

The title says it all. The entire Marvel univese is pinned up against an un-stoppable Dark Phoneix and they get their asses kicked. Look, most story arcs endwith the heroes saving the day. The thing with this fight sequence, throughout this book, is that a happy outccome seemed impossible. This is the second appearance of the Dark Phoenix in my top 5. What can I say, I like angry birds.

1) Batman vs. Superman (The Dark Knight Returns # 4)
Bats vs Supes

This super fight between these two iconic figures stands out as my favorite fight scene. Perhaps the best part of this fight is that an old Batman gives Superman all he can handle in this book. It makes you wonder what the outcome would have been, had a younger and more fit Bruce Wayne taken on Superman. It just goes to show you, that young or old, Bruce Wayne is the deadliest man in the combined comic Universe. That’s right Big Evil, Batman is KING!!!


5) Liberty Files JSA vs Zod

This Elseworlds tale has a 1940’s-50’s era JSA having to take down super-agent Clark Kent… except Kent’s real name is Zod! This is cool scene for a ton of reasons; first off the members of the JSA in this story look cooler than hell but familiar enough to recognize. Along with that you have the brutality of Zod, essentially a Kryptonian without morals. There is a panel where he kills a couple of JSA members so brutally that the remaining ones have this look on their face like they are gonna shit bricks. It is priceless!

4) Cyclops vs Wolverine

Cykes gone too far and Wolvie isn’t gonna take it anymore! and that’s basically the premise of Schism. These two never really saw eye to eye so you knew it was really gonna happen one day, but who knew the fight would be so brutal. All I can relate it to was the fight that these two supposedly had in Age of Apocalypse. In fact, at one point Cyclops burns Logans face right off! Plus, all the while they are fighting, a crazy Sentinel is coming to kill everyone on Utopia!!!! Come on guys, cant we just get along?

3) Cap vs Bat
Cap vs Bats

This comes from the JLA/Avengers book from George Perez about a decade ago. Essentially, Mr. Perez gave both Cap and Batman his ultimate respect by making them both unbeatable. The premise was that they were so equally matched that in no way there would be a victor, plus both being the master tacticians that they are, decided to work together to sniff out the plot of this book and save the day! Plus this proves that nobody can touch Batman, he went toe to toe with a Super Soldier!

2) Avengers storm X-Beach
Optic Blast!

A lot of Marvel Crossovers start with the Avengers getting together to discuss what to do and AvX was no different, but what made this book awesome was the way that the Avengers called the X-Men out! Basically they went to their home and told them that they wanted Hope Summers. They said that they didn’t want any trouble, but also hovered over Utopia in a Hellicarrier with every badass who has ever been an Avenger waiting to strike. The whole thing erupts into one of the best crossovers in quite a while that tie story lines together from the past decade!

1) Superboy Prime vs Everybody
Prime Loses it!

Infinite Crisis was DC’s sequel and loveletter to the original Crisis on Infinite Earths and a one-time protagonist who gave his life to save the universe goes bad in such a good way. Basically, Superboy prime is all kinds of angsty and really hates Connor Kent, so he goes to kill him and does a damn fine job at it too! Prime looks down at a beaten Kent smiling and asks why he’s so happy and Connor has his Titans communicator in hand and has summoned the collective might of the DCU to his aid. From this point a ton of D and C level heroes are either killed or maimed and we get to see Superboy Prime for what he truly is, a fucking psycho!


5 – Batman vs. Guy Gardner

Guy Gardner has a big mouth, and Batman does not suffer fools gladly.  That’s all the set up you really need from this awesome panel pulled from Giffen DeMatteis and Maguire’s fantastic run on Justice League.


4- Bane vs. Batman

In the Knightfall storyline the newly introduced criminal mastermind/hulking powerhouse Bane busts all of Batman’s biggest baddies out of Arkham and watches from afar as the Dark Knight fills up on appetizers. Then he delivers the main course right to his door… he actually shows up at Wayne manor and beats an exhausted Batman within an inch of his life. Then he takes him to a more public place and breaks him, like so, with his knee.

3- Invincible vs Conquest

As Arthur Harkness touched upon earlier, Invincible’s father was a Viltrumite sent to Earth to prepare our planet as a slave world. After he handled the threat of his own dad, Invincible met some more of representatives our their species, only these ones had no attachment to him whatsoever. So, while this meant that they wouldn’t hold back against him, it also meant that he didn’t have to hold back against them. The standout moment to me was his face-off with Conquest, a grizzled old Viltrumite with an especially nasty attitude. It is not for the faint of heart.
fightsceneinvincibleBloodied, broken, and angrier than ever before, Mark lets loose and (as seen in the background up there) more or less headbutts Conquest to death.

2 – Punisher vs the Russian

I love Garth Ennis writing the Punisher.  While I feel that his MAX series is probably the high point of his work with the character, I still love the original Marvel Knights stories as well, particular the initial 12 issue miniseries.  And within that storyline, my favorite scene is the fight between Frank Castle and the Russian. The Russian is an assassin (whose nationality you can probably guess) that the main antagonist hires to take care of the Punisher after finding the anti-hero’s safehouse.


The Russian is a big fan of superhero culture, and is very excited to kill the Punisher. He’s also just about unstoppable, he snaps a handgun in two, takes a knife to the gut without flinching, and even throws Frank right through a door.  But the Punisher isn’t exactly a lightweight either, so if you can’t stand the heat you’d better stay out of the kitchen.
1- Miracleman vs. Kid Miracleman

In the hard to find (but worth the look) Alan Moore series Miracleman (originally, and once again, known as Marvelman) the titular character is more or less a middle-aged Billy Batson. But when he says his magic word, he turns right back into the lithe young god that is Miracleman. And while I recommend the series primarily for it’s thoughtful analysis of what might actually happen to a man become omnipotent, one of the more famous moments is the showdown between Miracleman and his former sidekick Kid Miracleman.  Early on the series, we learn that Kid Miracleman had grown mad with power after being a demigod for years without ever reverting to his human state. When he finally does return to the body of a child, the shock leaves him effectively out of the picture.


However, when he shows up for round two things get a very ugly. The idea of a psychotic superman is a scary one, and Moore and artist John Totleben give us a legitimately unsettling view of the world he create. Miracleman quickly learns that he is no match for Kid Miracleman, but when the villain is forced to revert back to human form, Miracleman steps up and finishes the job in a very disturbing but touching moment.


That’s all there is Folks! make sure to check back for more Top 5’s and always remember that The Brotherhood is your one-stop source for all your geeky goodness out there on the internet!


5.) Skrulls vs. Marvel U Heroes and Villains

Back during Secret Invasion, confusion reigned amongst the capes and tights set.  No one knew who was who.  Was the person you trusted the most in the world exactly who they say they are or are they a Skrull spy?  To make matters worse, at the outset of the story a Skrull ship lands on Earth and out pop a whole bunch of old school looking Marvel Heroes who’ve supposedly been held prisoner by the Skrulls for years.  Nobody knew who was a friend or foe…until a means to detect Skrulls was devised.  After that the battle lines became pretty clear; it didn’t matter if you were a hero or a villain – anyone with a big, green, wrinkly chin was a bad guy.  It took the combined forces of the the Marvel U’s good guys and bad guys to repel the invading Skrulls, but the final showdown in Central Park will always be a memorable one for me.


4.)   Batman vs. The Mutant Leader

If you haven’t read The Dark Knight Returns, then you seriously have no business reading this website.  Go.  Get out, I’m not joking.  Good, now that the noobs are gone we can continue.  One of the most memorable fights scenes in any comic I’ve ever read is the brutal slugfest between Batman and the Mutant Leader in Book 2 of TDKR.  After getting his ass handed to him previously by the head Mutant, Batman returns for a second round;l this time incredibly more prepared for the challenge ahead.  This scene yields one of my favorite lines in all of comic-dom: “You don’t get it, boy…this isn’t a mud hole.  It’s an operating table… and I’m the surgeon.” Batman at his finest!


3.) Wolverine vs. Genesis/The New & Improved Apocalypse!

In Wolverine #100, Cable’s son Tyler had gone a little crazy and had taken to calling himself Genesis.  After adopting that persona, he later proclaimed himself to be the new incarnation of Apocalypse after the original A-Man’s death.  Tyler wanted to capture an adamantium-less at this point Wolverine, in order to convert him into one of his new 4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse, but as you can imagine Logan was a little hesitant to comply with the plan.  Tyler managed to capture and horribly deform Wolverine, but he wasn’t able to break Logan’s mind.  In the end, Tyler’s plan to harness the ferocity of Wolverine would prove fatal as the newly feral Wolverine tore him to shreds.  Wolverine then drops Tyler’s mangled body at the feet of Cannonball who’d been beaten up pretty badly at the hands of the other Horsemen, and Logan tells Sam to tell Cable that he’s sorry for what he had to do to his child.


2.) The Governor vs the Prison Survivors

Issue #50 of the Walking Dead was a total bloodbath, featuring the death of several of the books main characters.  The death and destruction is kicked off when the Governor arrives at the prison in order to get revenge on Rick, Michonne and the others, after he himself was mutilated at Michonne’s hands.  The Governor knows that in order to breach the gates of the prison that the survivors are holed up in, so The Gov rolls up with a tank!  Bam! Walls breached, guns blazing, zombies streaming in from everywhere.  As memorable a battle as their ever has been in the pages of comics.

Oh. Shit.

Oh. Shit.

1.) Spidey vs. All of the Raft

In a storyline called Breakout, starting WAAAAYYYY back in New Avengers #1, everyone’s favorite wall crawler noticed that something was amiss at The Raft, which is the super-villain wing of the Ryker’s Island Prison Complex in New York City.  When Spidey gets to the prison, he finds that the place has a problem way bigger than leaky pipes: leaky jail cells!  To clarify, it turns out that there’s been a massive prison break at the complex and every single super-villain is now running loose.  Being the only hero on the scene, Spidey takes it upon himself to try to stem the flow of the escape, but ends up getting beaten badly.  As noble an act as it was, the onslaught of villany is too much for Peter.  Just as he’s about to be unmasked and surely killed, Luke Cage, Captain America, Spider Woman and Iron Man, show up to save the day and the web-slinger’s ass.


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