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The smell of rotting flesh and unwashed Southerners means it’s Zombie Round-Up time, Evil Geeks!  What a crazy episode this week?!?!  We’ve got a host of ghosts, ghouls, and annoying, whiny people to go over in this episode, so let’s get to it.

Redneck Hawkeye ups his zombie kill count by quite a bit this week.

Redneck Hawkeye ups his zombie kill count by quite a bit this week.


So… Rick’s gone a little crazy, huh?  After his total breakdown upon seeing ghost Lori at the end of last week’s show, Rick finds himself again chasing specters this week as well.  At first he sees Lori-In-White standing near the graves of some of the other folks that are no longer with us.  Rick runs over only to see her disappear just as he’s about to reach her.  He then sees her walking outside the fence and Rick runs out to try to catch her again, this time coming face to face with his deceased wife.  Rick then proceeds to spend a good portion of the episode making out with his ghost wife and possibly looking for ghost Shane according to a conversation Rick has with Hershel.  Rick comes back to his senses later in the episode thanks to some bullets whizzing past his head, but more on that later.  Let’s talk about what’s going on in Woodbury first, shall we?

The Walking Dead - Season 3, Episode 10 - Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC

It seems the Governor isn’t quite as into Andrea as she may have thought.  Ever since he had his eye gouged out during Rick’s raid, he’s trusting Andrea less and less.  After watching her inspiring speech to the people of the town last episode, I’m guessing he’s thinking that she’s gunning for his job, so he asks Milton to keep an eye on her for him.   The Governor gives Andrea the go ahead to act in his stead, but this seems to be more of a strategic move on his behalf than a genuine request.  The soldiers in the town are reluctant to listen to her orders and aren’t exactly willing to share vital information with her.  One of the things they fail to mention to her is that several of the soldiers are on a mission with the Governor to attack Andrea’s friends at the prison, after he told her he didn’t plan on seeking revenge.

Back at Prsionville, Glen and Maggie still aren’t on solid ground after their treatment at the hands of the Governor.  Glen is being an especially whiny, douche this week as he is intent on demonstrating that he’s able to lead the group while Rick is busy being insane and even more intent on seeking revenge on the Governor for what he did to Maggie.  Glen, still not completely informed of what the Governor did to her, continues to press her on the incident until she breaks down in anger and tears to give Glen the information he’s been insisting on. Glen wants to attack Woodbury again with Michonne’s help, however she’s less than enthusiastic about the plan and Glen finds himself on his own.  He storms off in a huff (actually he storms off in a pick up truck if we’re being truthful).

In other couple’s news, Darryl and Merle are still wandering the woods and bickering with one another, when they happen upon a family under attack from a large group of walkers.  Darryl wants to help, but Merle wants to let the situation play out and keep pressing on.  Darryl heads off to help, Merle ends up going with him and the brothers help save the family from certain death.  After the zombies are taken care of, Merle decides to steal some stuff from the family, but Darryl coerces him at crossbow point to leave the family alone.  After the incident, the brothers are talking and Darryl tells Merle that he wants to go back to the prison.  Since Merle’s tried to kill both Michonne and Glen, he thinks he won’t be welcomed back at the prison, which he probably won’t.  Darryl tells him that with time, everything will be forgotten and Merle will be forgiven.

Back at the prison, Axel is giving Carol the full-court romantic press, when suddenly he’s interrupted by the ultimate cock block: a bullet to the head.  The Governor and his men have arrived at the prison intent on seeking the revenge he swore to Andrea he wasn’t seeking causing a massive firefight to ensue, culminating in one of the Governor’s men driving a truck full of walkers through the gates of the prison.  The gun battle is enough to bring Rick back from Crazy Town, but he soon runs out of ammo and finds himself on the verge of becoming zombie lunch.  Suddenly Darryl and Merle show up to save Rick and the men return to the compound.  The survivors are able to fend off the Governor’s attack, but only just barely.  Glen returns to the prison just in time to see the Governor speed off with his men in a pick up of their own, whilst most likely mooning Glen and flipping him the bird.

If it wasn’t for the attack by the Governor and his men at the end of the episode, I’d say this was mostly a filler episode.  I’m really not a big fan of “Crazy Rick” and was truly hoping we’d seen the last of him, but it looks like he’s going to be sticking around for a bit.  He’s not talking to dead people on disconnected phones anymore, he’s gone past that into a higher level of insanity where he spends entire afternoons chasing/making out with ghosts.  I hate that Rick.  Glen also proved that he’s not quite ready for leader status, so it’s a damn good thing Darryl’s back.  It’ll be interesting to see how Carol reacts to that though.  Will she be ready to be a pseudo-couple again?  Does she really have any other options now that Axel’s dead?  I guess we’ll have to tune in again next week, won’t we Evil Geeks?  Check back here soon afterward for another Zombie Round Up!

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  1. It’s 7 issues later and it still hasn’t sunk in yet. I haven’t even told my Daughter because she is a huge fan of his in the show and she still has to play a bit of catch up with the books. She’s going to flip when she gets to issue 100. Ezekiel is hopefully someone who can get down and dirty with the gang and just dish out some hurt on Negan. One can only hope!

  2. They shoved Tyreese right out of the show. That was a stupid move since in the book Tyreese and Rick get so close and he used to ground Rick in reality. I do hope he returns but come on? Why introduce a major character and then do nothing with him? As far as Negan, he is becoming even more twisted then the Governor used to be. I loved their fisticuffs at the start of the issue. Carl and Rick re-uniting was very cool but you can tell that Rick wants Negan dead for even looking at his Son. We’ll see what happens. Also, I wonder who Ezekiel is?

    • I’m hoping he’s someone organizing a resistance to Negan. I can’t wait for that smarmy bastard to die. I still can’t believe what happened in #100. There’s no way Rick lets him get away with that one.

  3. Good review! I’m not a fan of Crazy Rick either. In the books it was ok for a spell but they moved on as I thought they did in the show but when Lori showed up in her white dress, I kinda cringed a bit and thought: So they are going to stretch that out, huh? Everything else you are spot on about. Despite the action and mayhem it would have just been filler. I did actually like watching Carl shooting off his gun. He’s been starting to show that he has some cajones. Have you read Issue #107?

    • I did read #107! I was glad to see Negan didn’t kill him. Carl’s become such a badass in the book and i’d love to see his character on the show go in that direction also. I was so glad when Rick’s insanity phone only showed up in that one episode, Ghost Lori’s been around for two episodes and she’s already worn out her welcome. It’s especially crappy that Ghost Lori is the reason Tyreese had to leave too. Darryl’s a good right hand man for Rick, but I would have liked to have seen Tyreese stick around longer. Who knows, maybe he’ll be back?

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