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Happy Saturday Evil Geeks!  It’s been a few days, but fear not, C-Mart is here to stave of a nasty case of comic review withdrawal through the healing powers of an all-new Evil Geek Book Report!  We’re keeping it Indie again today and shining our Evil Spotlight on issue #1 of Sabotage! from writer/creator Jeff Schouten and artist Ebai Canales.  Jeff reached out to us on Twitter and asked if we’d take a look at his book, to which we were happy to oblige.  Let’s dive in and talk about some comics, shall we?

Sabotage 01 Lettered 2-3

Sabotage is all about college student Jack Madrid.  Jack’s got a little bit of a chip on his shoulder, in fact it’s more accurate to say that he’s a fan of hating things.  He hates his college, he hates the brown-nosing nerd in his class,  he hates a multitude of pop-stars (well, they’re fictional pop stars, but their names are similar enough to their real life counterparts), and most of all he seems to hate other people’s unnecessary bullshit.  Jack hates so many things, that he even maintains a “Hate List” which he carries around with him.  He’s kind of like a Holden Caulfield type of character, but instead of a People Hunting Hat, Jack has a sword-toting, People Hunting Alter-ego named Sabotage.  After spendings his days at college, he returns to the trailer he shares with his stoner roommate, ditches his student exterior and dons the visage of Sabotage.  Sabotage isn’t really a super hero per se; he’s just an average guy with a super sense of assholery.  Instead of  patroling the night saving citizens, Sabotage goes out and commits acts of vandalism.  Sabotage ekes out the revenge with impunity that Jack cannot without facing consequence.  The  book follows Jack on the night of he and his girlfriend’s first anniversary and Jack gets in a little Sabotage time before he must meet up with her.  Jack of course, being the asshole that he is, forgets to get her a gift so he must spend some extra time stealing one for her and ends up arriving at he house later than expected.  When he arrives, a bizarre situation unfolds, which results in the death of the Mayor of the town’s son.  I liked this story because honestly, for about 90% of the book, I felt like the Jack/Sabotage character was an unrelateable douche bag, but the ending of the book quickly changes Jack’s world and now I not only sympathize with him a little bit, but I want to see how he handles the place he now finds himself in.  In Jack’s defense, much of what he hates, I whole-heartedly endorse the hatred of, but he seems to take that distaste a little too far.  At the end of the book though, shit gets real and I’d like to see if that affects his “hatred” of the mundane idiosyncrasies of the everyday world.

Sabotage 01 Lettered 1

I particularly liked the art in this book as well.  The pics in this article are in color, but the book I read was in black and white, which I think fits the tone of the book better.  Canales’ art style reminds me a lot of one of my favorite artists: Jim Mahfood.  The book has a humorous tone to it and much like Mahfood’s art, Canales’ art works well in that medium.  When Jack is dressed as Sabotage, he has this almost permanent shit-eating, fuck you, smile and even though he’s being a dick, you can’t help but laugh with him.

I’m a big fan of comics that can incorporate humor into them along with action and Sabotage! seems like it’s a title that can deliver on that, so it get’s C-Mart’s patented Walrus of Approval.  Check out issue #1 for FREE at sabotagecomic.com and check out Jeff Schouten on Twitter @sabotagecomic.  Much thanks to Jeff for sharing his and Ebai Canales’ work!  Come back again soon for another all-new Evil Geek Book Report!

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