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Today’s Panel of the Day comes from Batman and Robin #17 and I’m kind of cheating because I couldn’t limit it to just one panel, but I think that you’ll understand and enjoy it. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’d know that recently Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo gave us a helluva story with Death of the Family. One of the big beats of the story was when Joker kidnapped Alfred and everyone thought the worse. Well, (Spoiler Alert) Alfred made it back in one piece and has been resting at the stately Wayne manner when all the sudden his mind began to wander. Let’s see what the old butler has been thinking about…





How awesome is that??!! I love how he wakes up like a nightmare and then realizes, hey this aint too bad!:) The smile is priceless. Go on Pennyworth and get some sleep, you deserve the rest after your ordeal! Make sure you read Batman and Robin #17, the whole issue is full of dream sequences. Plus, if your a Bat-Nerd, make sure you check out our Bat-Cast from a few days ago where we tried predicting the ending to Death of the Family and overall gave Alfred lots of love.

See ya later Nerds!

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