Panel of the Day 2/11/13

Greetings Evil Geek Guys and Gals, today’s panel of the day celebrates America’s second favorite pre-teen psychopath (behind Damian Wayne of Course) Carl Grimes!  Poor little Carl’s been through some pretty nasty stuff in his short life and things certainly don’t look to be getting any better for him.  Since The Walking Dead is back on AMC this week, we thought the least we could do to help out Carl is to dedicate a Panel of the Day to the little nut job.  Warning: Spoilers ahead for The Walking Dead comic. Warning x2: Today’s panels (we gave Carl two, trust us, he deserves them) are jusssssssst a little bit graphic.

In case you’re not familiar with Carl and The Walking Dead, a while back Carl Grimes kind of took a bullet to the face:


Somehow, through the magic of stone age era medicine and fortuitous character fan popularity, Carl pulled through.  Everyone has been wondering what he looks like now that he’s starting to heal and about two issues ago, thanks to Negan’s dickishness we finally got our answer. That answer, as you might expect, is pretty horrifying and graphic:


If you need a vomit bag, the Evil Lair is strangely overstocked with them.  ‘Til next time Evil Geeks!

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