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Hi Gang!

So, per usual, I was trolling around the net when I found the most amazing thing that we need in the Evil Lair, and if you’re a Marvel Fan, then you might need it too! The ever famous Sideshow Collectables has something new for us this spring… Cold Cast Bronze sculptures of Iron Man, Wolverine, and Spider-Man! Thats right, I said bronze! Check these pics out…

Iron Man


New Avengers

These babies are only available for pre-order through Sideshow Collectables site and they are RARE! Only 250 of each will be released and they are going for around $300 each… I know that you’ve been saving up for that next generation system, but these are absolutely awesome and no matter what will make the whole room come together! I recently had the opportunity to see Alex Ross’s work on display and he had a large Batman cast in the gallery, and it looked awesome and I immediately wanted it in my living room. These are an investment, but most likely will keep their value if not increase over time just based on the materials used. Get ’em quick, I can guarantee that there are only gonna be a max of 249 Spidey’s available after I pre-order mine! C-Mart’s gonna be sooooo jealous! 🙂

Until next time, Nerds!

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