Evil Geek Book Report – All-New X-Men #7

So, this book just keeps on coming out!


I’ve said before that I grew up a Cyclops fan, and that in my experience a lot of people had hated the character for no good reason.  People complained that he was boring, but this was a time when anyone who didn’t have “blood” or “death” in their name was considered lame, so I never cared that he wasn’t popular. But in the last ten years or so (especially the last five) it’s become a lot tougher to be on Cyclops’ side. He’s become a militant terrorist, which throws his relationship with Charles Xavier into sharp relief.  From a storytelling standpoint, I wouldn’t mind this progression as much if I though it was planned from the get-go. Instead, though, I think it was each writer finding themselves saddled with a darker Cyclops than the last and taking it that extra step further until he was just about irredeemable.


His second mutation? The ability to charm the pants off of tellers.

I never expected Brian Michael Bendis to be the man who brought him back from that edge.  But, between his treatment of young Cyclops and the fact that next week’s Uncanny X-Men #1 will actually be showing things from the disgraced leader’s point of view, it looks like Mr. Bendis is stepping up to defend Slim.  It’ll be a rocky road bringing Cyclops back into the fold, but Bendis’ portrayal of Scott as a dedicated man who has made terrible choices as opposed to the bloodthirsty executioner of recent years may very well take him back home. But I’m still fairly sure that he could be doing it more quickly.  I know, I know… I’ve been reading Bendis’ stuff for more than ten years now, so I’m fully aware of what I should expect but I want to see this story unfold faster because I really like reading it.

This issue picks up right where the last left off, with Young Cyclops exploring scenic Salem Center. He pops into the local bank and learns that his adult self has maintained a safety deposit box. Inside he finds a spare pair of ruby quartz glasses, a passport, some cash and… an invitation to his wedding?


Sort of sends a mixed message that he has the invitation to his and Jean’s wedding right there with a photo of himself and Madelyne Pryor.

While Cyclops is learning about his future romances and flirting with the young bank employee, Wolverine shows up again, but he seems to have calmed down significantly. He escorts Scott back out of the bank, using his Avenger status to brush off the local authorities. He then offers to buy Scott lunch and calls him “darling”.


No means no, Wolverine.

Thankfully, it’s actually Mystique in disguise and she gives Scott a pep talk about his situation. Sure, you grow up to be hated by the world. So what if you end up killing your mentor/father figure! Who cares if you live to see yourself become what you’ve been fighting against!  That’s one thing I’ll say about this younger Cyclops, he’s way more gullible than the wetworks-sanctioning version we’ve come to know. He seems quite taken with Mystique’s ruse and when the real Wolverine shows up, they have an uncomfortable ride back to town.  Before Scott heads to bed, he hands Jean the invitation to their wedding… dick move, bro.

As I mentioned earlier, I definitely like where this is going. The two Cyclopes have rallied and are leading their respective teams of X-Men in very different directions, while Wolverine and his crew form a third faction. It’s shaping up to be a parallel of the X-Men’s glory days with Xavier’s, the Hellfire Club, and the Morlocks all coexisting in New York City.  I’m looking forward to the next issue, and if history repeats I’ll only have to wait a week or two.

Bonus!  We get to see Kitty Pryde kicking the ever-living crap out of her boyfriend’s younger self this issue!

icemankitty fight

Let’s hope that Ice-Man’s Ken doll groin changed as he aged, for Kitty’s

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  1. I’m still firmly on Scott’s side. I think he was making the best of a whole lot of bad situations, doing what was necessary to keep the mutant race alive. Co-existence was a long-term goal, and he still hoped to achieve it. But long-term hopes took a backseat to the short-term necessity of survival. I don’t agree that he’s ever become a terrorist.

    That said, I am loving All-New X-Men, and I’m looking forward to Uncanny X-Men.

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