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Yesterday my man Arthur gave us a review of Sam Johnson’s Geek Girl, so today I’m following up with one for another of Johnson’s books; Mr. Mash-Up issue #0. Sidebar, if you’ve read Geek Girl, you’ve actually seen Mr. Mash-up in one of the final panels of issue #0. Mr. Mash-Up #0 was an interesting take on a book for the traditional first issue because it was set up like an anthology with three distinct stories that Mr. Mash-Up appears in, but isn’t alway the main focus.

Mr. Mash-Up

The first story stars Cabra Cini: Voodoo Junkie Hitwoman! Basically Cabra was a hooker and crack addict who changed her ways and found a new addiction…Voodoo! As with any addict, she learned how to warp it and bastardize it and basically figured out how to practice the dark arts. She uses Voodoo to cross dimensional planes and teleport by passing through the top level of Limbo known as The Infinity. As we all know, Limbo is that really fun place between Heaven and Hell that no-one wants to get stuck in and Cabra uses The Infinity like a playground, angering the hell of it’s ruler, The Rook. Cabra is a real badass, take-no-shit kinda gal, who seemed to have a tough life so angering The Rook doesn’t seem to phase her one bit. On one of her cross-dimensional junkets, he sends someone after her that she has no answer for, a real blast from her past… all orchestrated by Mr. Mash-Up himself!

The second tale gives us a look at Mash-Up on his own turf. This one struck me as kind of odd, because again it didn’t start with the title character, but rather this woman named Delfi. She gets the word that someone has been hurt and runs to see them, that someone is Mash-up. In this story we see him on his own turf, dealing with his family who treats him like the black sheep. Mash-up goes to help his brothers out and they just kind of tool on him, but thats when he shows off what he can do. Basically the guy can get into the head of an enemy and then sends out a clone of sorts from his body, but leaving the empty husk lying there. It kind of reminded me of Doom Patrol’s Negative Man crossed with the fear-crazed Scarecrow! The end of the tale shows a Mash-Up who doesn’t want to take it anymore, so he leaves is home and goes to Earth…

The final story is about this pimp named Stenson who moved to Gold Town. Gold Town is basically a gold mine for hookers, problem is our man only has one working for him, so he has to recruit. He tells the reader about all the different urban legends to watch out for including the Albino Demon (who looks a whole lot like our title character) 🙂 and the Bastard Lovechild of an Alien Goddess. It had a certain MIB feel to it for me for some reason. Anyway, our guy Stenson is really striking out his recruiting drive to get more ladies until he meets the Alien Goddess! She starts to seduce him and we learn that it’s Delfi from the previous story…the ending serves up a great twist that makes you realize you don’t fuck with Mr. Mash-Up!

Mash-Up Cover

Overall, I liked the first and third story but didn’t care for the second, which is fine because it seems that future issues would be based on Earth. The artwork was different for all three tales, and that kind of threw me a little bit to be honest, but it could grow on me if they kept one style for the entire issue. I’m with Arthur in that before I can put my 100% seal of approval behind the book yet, I’d like to read one or two more just to see where it is going. I enjoyed the ancillary characters so as long as they’re still in it then I’d pick it up in the future, in fact it’d be cool to have all the stories converge. Anyway, visit http://www.geekgirlcomics.com and check out both Mr. Mash-Up and Geek Girl for yourself. It’s only $1.99, which is practically iTunes pricing for an entertaining read.

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