Comic Book Panel of the Day 2/8/13

Happy Friday Evil Geeks!

Today’s Panel of the Day comes from The Flash # 13 from a couple months ago. I know, I know, not the most current, but still delightfully gruesome! Flash’s Rogues have always been pretty awesome in my mind and although they definitely changed them up in the New 52, I’m pretty much OK with them. One dynamic that they kept from the old DCU is a younger Trickster character by the name of Axel Walker, who was basically a punk kid who used his tech to rob people and basically cause chaos for the Flash. In what seems like old-hat for Axel, he screwed up one of the Rogues scores and was thrown out of the group. He then tries to get back into the group by getting on Captain Cold’s good side, but it doesn’t work out the way he hoped. Leading up to our panel, Grodd and his army of Gorillas has attended Central City in search of The Flash. While our hero and the rest of the rogues are dealing with the monkeys, The Trickster attempts to appeal to Grodd and act as a liason to Central City, stating that he knows it like the back of his hand. The panel below illustrates just why there are bars up in the zoo… Take a look!


This gives a whole new meaning to “When Animals Attack!”


I gotta say that I did not see that coming when I turned the page! Guess this is exactly why you never attempt to shake hands with a damn dirty ape! Did you read this? What do you think will happen to the trickster? Let us know in the comments. Hell, maybe he’ll get a cybernetic arm and get strung out on Meth like Arsenal!

See ya next time NERDS!

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