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If there’s one good thing about our unquenchable thirst for comics, it’s that these days our quest to devour as many books as possible tends to produce an equally unyielding stream of Evil Geek Book Reports – so get your comic handling gloves out because it’s time to talk comics!  Sick of MarvelNow yet?  Well too bad, because it’s here to stay (until they decide to reboot the rebooted continuity).  Today we’re talking one of the latest offerings from the new Marvel U: Savage Wolverine #1 which was drawn AND written by the multi-talented Frank Cho.  Hope you remembered to pack a loin cloth and extra-strength mosquito repellent, because we’re heading on a filed trip to the Savage Land!

Every year, dozens of tourists are molested by dinosaurs while on vacation in the Savage Land.  Damn it people, when they tell you to keep your hands inside the tram, you keep your god damned hands inside the TRAM!

Every year, dozens of tourists are molested by dinosaurs while on vacation in the Savage Land. Damn it people, when they tell you to keep your hands inside the tram, you keep your god damned hands inside the TRAM!

“BABES, BRAWLS, and BRACHIOSAURS” boasts the giant headline of the letters page at the back of the book.  That was apparently the direction the powers that be at Marvel wanted Cho to take the book in and he delivers on exactly that.  Well, except for the brachiosaurs, there weren’t any in issue #1.  Just a raptor.  And some pterodactyls.  They were both pretty cool, but I really had my heart set on seeing a brachiosaurus…whatever.  Liars.  Moving on, Marvel wanted a Wolverine book with a very heavy “Pulp” feel to it.  They wanted a Doc Savage/Indiana Jones, action, adventure book, and absent Brachiosaurus issues aside; the book manages to deliver big time in the babe and brawl departments.  The babe in question being Marvel’s go-to big, blonde, jungle gal.    The issue starts off with Shanna the She-Devil riding shotgun with a couple of SHIELD agents as they are surveying the Savage Land for scientific research (Holy alliteration, Batman! Try saying that sentence 5 times fast.) .  Yup, just a normal every day situation where a smoking, hot, statuesque, enormously chested, jungle girl, clad only in a loin cloth and two precariously positioned cheetah skins, is lounging around on a hovercraft with a bunch of nerdy SHIELD guys; happens all the time.  As the crew is scoping things out, they happen to come across an island with a gigantic, menacing face carved into it.  Shanna tells the agents that this place is called the Forbidden Island.  It’s a place her people used say was cursed by black magic and they always warned their children to never travel to that island.  Naturally of course, the first thing they do after hearing Shanna’s warning is travel directly to the island, which Shanna seems oddly cool with even though she’s been advised her whole life to stay away from it.  Things of course don’t go as planned and we see the SHIELD craft tumble out of the sky.

The book then jumps 8 months into the future, where some Neanderthal-like Savage Land natives witness a blinding flash in the sky.  What was the source of the light, you ask?  We’re never told exactly what it was, but the result is that whatever it was pooped out Wolverine into the Savage Land.  When he awakens, he has no recollection of getting there and figures out his location by sniffing the air and judging the various smells.  Oh and he gets attacked by a raptor.  Yeah, the presence of previously thought extinct, gargantuan, reptiles is usually a huge honking clue that you’re in the Savage Land.  Logan makes quick work of the beast and sets off into the jungle after finding a footpath.  On his walkabout through the prehistoric rainforest, he discovers some Neanderthals dragging a half-dead SHIELD agent back to their camp.  Even though the prehistoric men have shown no indication that they were the ones who harmed the agent, Wolverine attacks and brutally murders all of them.  The agent soon goes from half-dead to all-dead, but before he dies manages to give Wolverine some info.  The agent has a camp nearby and when Wolverine arrives he sees that it’s a crashed SHIELD craft with fortifications built around it.  After sniffing around inside the ship for a little bit, Shanna shows up and stabs Logan with a spear before realizing who he is.  Shanna brings him up to speed on what happened and why exactly it is they can’t leave the island.


Judging by Shanna’s outfit, I’m willing to bet this isn’t the last time something is going to be penetrated in this book. Man is Ka-Zar going to be PISSED! Zabu too!

It’s almost embarrassing how much praise we’ve heaped onto the majority of the MarvelNow titles so far, but I’m willing to keep going by saying I really loved Issue #1 of Savage Wolverine.  It’s Wolverine at his absolute bloody best.  The fight scene between Wolvie and the Neanderthals was brutal and bloody beyond belief.  Limbs and heads just flying everywhere!  That’s something that I think has really been missing from the more “family friendly” titles that Logan has been inhabiting as of late.  Let’s face it, a guy with razor-sharp claws protruding from each hand is going to kill some people every now and then.  Even if just by accident.  Sure, he’s a respectable, school headmaster right now, but that doesn’t mean he still isn’t the best there is at what he does and what he happens to do is slice mother-f@#%ers up, so just let him do his thing!  Issue #1 just leaves you with the impression that some crazy stuff us going to go down in this title and Wolverine’s going to be getting his hands very dirty while dealing with all that.

That’s all the comic talk I’ve got for today Evil Geeks, but as always: we’ll be back real soon with another Evil Geek Book Report.  Before I go, I will leave you with these parting words of wisdom  though: If you can believe that a man can be have an unbreakable, metal coated skeleton with sharp-ass claws that shoot out of the back of his hands, then you can believe that same man can also anchor like 43 super-hero teams, run a boarding school for mutant children, AND be stranded in the Savage Land all at the same time!

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