Comic Book Panel of the Day 2/2/13

Happy Saturday Evil Geeks!  What better way to celebrate that hallowed day off than with a little comic art!  Since part 2 of The Dark Knight Returns animated movie was released this week, we’ve all had Bats on the brain… well more so than usual anyway.  Today’s panel comes to you from The Dark Knight Returns comic.  It’s the scene that takes place after the nuclear missile that Superman is sent to take care of, explodes causing an EMP wave to knock out power in Gotham.  With the lights out, criminals have lawlessly taken to the streets in order to strip Gotham of all its riches.  Batman gathers the newly formed Sons of the Bat at the Gotham Dump in order to rally the former criminals to his side and persuade them to drop their guns and instead use their fists as tools to clean up the city.  After delivering a rousing speech while on horseback, Batman declares that he is now the law of Gotham!  This was always one of my favorite scenes in this story line and the striking image of Batman on horseback has become so iconic that’s it’s been recreated in various statues and figurines. Anyway, get out there, enjoy the day and most importantly, READ SOME COMICS!

I really hope Robin remembered to bring along her Bat-Horse Crap Scooper, otherwise it'll be a long night.

I really hope Robin remembered to bring along her Bat-Horse Crap Scooper, otherwise it’ll be a long night.


As a bonus, here’s one of those aforementioned statues:


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