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Greeting Evil Geeks and welcome to the best way to start off your Friday: It’s a brand new Evil Geek Book Report!  Today we’re talking about what has easily become my favorite book of the MarvelNow relaunch, Deadpool!  We’re going over issue # 4 today, so if you haven’t caught up on the first three issues, then your old pal C-Mart recommends you get your ass in gear check out my wrap-ups of Issue #1 , Issue #2, and Issue #3.  Good, now that we’re all up to speed, let’s dive into the insanity of Issue#4!

...and that was the last time Zombie JFK ever had a craving for burnt hot dogs.

…and that was the last time Zombie JFK ever had a craving for burnt hot dogs.

I’ve certainly made no secret of the fact that I positively love the writing on this newest Deadpool series.  I’m pretty sure everyone is sick of hearing me praise Brian Posehn and Gerry Duggan, but issue after issue the duo keep convincing me that the teaming of a multifaceted writing talent like Duggan (aside from writing funny books, he was also a writer for Attack of the Show!)  with an insanely talented stand-up comic like Posehn on a book that balances bloody superhero action with slapstick comedy was pure genius.  The surreal and hilarious story of having Wade battling his way through all of the dead US Presidents continues in issue #4 as Wade’s POTUS body count rises higher and higher.  Just when you think Duggan and Posehn can’t possibly desecrate the highest office in the land any more, within the first three pages of the book Deadpool, whilst dressed as Marilyn Monroe, runs Zombie JFK through with a sword after distracting the ex-prez by showing him his dick.  From there, Issue 4 finds Deadpool slicing and dicing his way through the history books as he takes down a cadre of “D-List Presidents” like Warren G. Harding and James K. Polk.  The D Listers have teamed up to take over landmarks like the Golden Gate Bridge and the Hoover Dam.  The Dam of course has been taken over by its namesake President who is determined to blow it up in order to unleash a flood which will wash the country away of horrible Americans.  The book ends with Deadpool and Abraham Lincoln about to go mano a mano in the main event of an MMA fight in Vegas!  Wade seriously ends up taking down probably close to a dozen ex-Presidents throughout the course of the book with my favorite being when Wade screams “HADOUKEN!!!” as he decimates the corpse of Millard Fillmore; followed closely in second by Wade screaming “SHAZAM!” as he bifurcates Calvin Coolidge.

Mmmm...Deadpool's recipie for Presidential Guacamole simply can't be beat!

Mmmm…Deadpool’s recipie for Presidential Guacamole simply can’t be beat!

Tony Moore once again does a stupendous job with the art.  I guess drawing all those zombies for Kirkman back in the day prepared him for a future of drawing zombified ex-Presidents.  I’ve never been someone who’s overly attracted to blood an gore in my comics, but Moore really nails the nastiest parts of the path of presidential entrails that Wade leaves across the pages of this book every month. He’s not afraid to let the viscera fly, but at the same time it’s not gratuitous.  One of the goriest scenes of this months book involves Deadpool leaping off the Golden Gate Bride onto a SHIELD plane flying by underneath.  The impact completely shatters the bottom 3/4ths of Wade’s body and in the panel where we see his reaction to being pancaked onto the roof of a moving plane, we certainly get a good look at the results of the fall, but all the worst bits are off panel.

As much as I love the artwork, the highlight again for me is the writing (Oh, here he goes again going on and on and on about how great he thinks the writing is, jeez Give it a rest C-Mart!).  Outside of the story itself, the biggest allure of having someone like Posehn on the writing team are the inside jokes and nods to other comedians peppered throughout the book.  Eagle-eyed comedy nerds like myself will get a kick out of noticing that the random SHIELD agent inserted into Issue #4 named Adsit, looks a WHOLE LOT like Scott Adsit from NBC’s 30 Rock or that the MMA fighter who wins the fight right before Zombie Abe Lincoln shows up, thanks his trainer “Scotty Aukerman” whom you probably know better as Scott Aukerman, the host of the Comedy Bang Bang podcast and TV show.  Those little Easter eggs only add to the allure of this book for me.


Heeeyyyyy….Those guys at the bottom right look a whole lot like Brian Posehn and Gerry Duggan! They’re right there next to the guy with the devil horns…WHA!?!? DEVIL HORNS?!!?  Could we have a Matt Murdock appearance next issue?

If you’re looking for an Evil Geek opinion on how the Deadpool MarvelNow series has been going, I’ll tell you that Duggan, Posehn, and Moore have gone 4 for 4.  This book is a monthly fountain of violent absurdity and I’ve seriously loved every second of it so far.  I’m begging the pantheon of comedy and comic book gods that this creative team is going to be sticking around for a while.  I can’t wait for the next issue when Wade “The Merc With a Mouth” Wilson takes on Abraham “Honest Abe” Lincoln in a 12 round rumble!  Come back after the issue hits stands for another review, but fear not Evil Geeks, for we’ll be bringing you plenty of Evil Geek Book Reports before then!

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