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The Horror! The Horror! …Also The Sci Fi!!: A Look Into My Dark Love Affair With Horror/Sci Fi Games Part 1

My hands are shaking. I have not seen another sane human being in days. Flashlight flickering, I make my way towards the bridge in hopes of finding a way out. Something…someone…everything has been following me. I keep my finger firmly on the trigger. I stalk the hallways quickly, but quietly, keeping my ears open for any sound, and my eyes rocketing back and forth searching for movement. They are nowhere and everywhere. My mind is racing with the horrors of what I have seen. Flesh twisted , bones broken, souls ripped from their bodies. Bodies melding, and forming new, horrific perversions of life.  Blood soaks the walls of this corridor. The streaks of hand smeared blood on the walls tell stories of the ones who did not make it. Torn screaming from their beds and work stations, they were handed over into the hands of God in a bloody mess of parts and offal. Were they the lucky ones? To die quickly at the beginning before being forced to experience the nightmare of loneliness and despair? I clutch my rifle tighter.

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A Taste of the Absurdity Ahead

Our three main protagonists from left to right: Ace McWalto, Paolo Pinta, and Mike Lemieux

Our three main protagonists from left to right: Ace McWalto, Paolo Pinta, and Mike Lemieux

Hey there fanboys and fangirls!  Some people might say that the Brotherhood of Evil Geeks are nothing more than a bunch of dudes sitting around a room complaining about comic books… and to some extent those people are 100% correct.  However, being the creative typed, yet still slightly criminal folks that we are, occasionally we sit around other rooms and do other stuff, IMPORTANT stuff.  One such “other room” being occupied by Evil Geek and Evil Geek Adjacent Personnel, would be the dining room of Evil Geek guest blogger and Evil Movie Night co-host, Paulo Pinta.  For the past several months, Paulo, an individual tentatively titled Mrs. Pinta, and your friendly neighborhood C-Mart have been hard at work crafting an entire stop-motion animated universe of sheer lunacy and craziness on a titanic scale known as Theater of the Absurd.  The show will feature the adventures of Ace, Lemieux, and Paolo (show above), the three biggest jerks in the fictional town of Center Square.  The trio’s dickishness is rivaled only by the absurdity of the town and its many residents.  I don’t want to give away too much about the show….but yeah, shit gets weird.  Really weird.  All I’ll say is wait till you meet Baron Von Internet in the first season finale; you’ll probably want to wash your hands afterwards. This show will have it all: hipsters, bar fights, intricate heists, serial public masturbators, and the ultimate battle for control of the world’s supply of porn.

We’re putting the finishing touches on the scripts for all of the shows in the first season and hopefully we should be filming soon.  It’s looking like we’ll have about 8 episodes in season one, which we hope to start bringing to you later this year.  Characters have been made, some sets are ready to go and I promise that you all will be in for a treat.  In order to whet your appetite for more of the fictional Paolo’s adventures, IRL Paolo has created a blog highlighting the insane ramblings of fictional Paolo in order to let you know exactly what type of character we’re dealing with!  Dip into the pool of insanity that is Paolo’s mind by reading his latest blog ramblings at Paolo’s Theater of the Absurd and check back here for updates as we get closer to releasing the first season.  The Evil Lair will surely be filled with the sounds of laughter once we release the show.  Actual laughter too, not the maniacal laughter that we usually fill the Evil Lair with.

Remembering our Friend… Damian Wayne

Hello Nerds

It’s with deep sadness and a heavy heart today that the Evil Geeks say goodbye to a fallen hero, Robin himself; Damian Wayne. Six years ago Grant Morrison created this crazy little son of a bitch who pretty much invited himself into the Batcave (trying to take out Tim Drake whenever he could.) Raised by the league of assassins, this smug little boy came into the Wayne household with a chip on his shoulder but over time learned that there was more to being a hero than just knowing how to beat the hell out of somebody! Relationships formed between this young man and every member of the Bat-family, but most especially with us readers, so the Evil Geeks would like to take a moment to say a little something about this fallen hero.

Batman Inc. 8

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Panel(s) of the Day 2/27/13

Good Morning Geeks

Today’s panels come from Batman and Robin #17 aka The Dream Issue. Last week I showed you some awesome shots of Alfred but today’s panels show a simple moment of happiness between Batman and Robin! At the end of the day, Damian’s dream is to spend a night on patrol side by side with Batman and then end it with a moment of tranquility with his father at sunset that he wishes will last forever! Take a look see…

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The Art Of Mario 3

If you’re a regular visitor to our site you might be able to tell that lately I’ve been on a bit of an old school nintendo kick…well actually all my life, new video games scare me. As I was doing research on the Mario 3 article about that wonderful green boot I came across some of the art depicting each of the various worlds for Mario 3, each with it’s own particular theme. I have no idea where these come from, I have the original booklet that came with the game, but they aren’t in there. If anyone has any information on the artist or where these originally appeared, I’d love to know. I like how (in my opinion) it seems like japanese art that is trying to appeal to Americans by being just cartoony enough and not making the jump to full on manga.


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Panel of the Day 2/25/13

Good morning Evil Geeks! I thought I’d get your week started out with a pretty sweet panel o’ the day. Today’s image comes courtesy of Issue #1 of Marvel’s 2005 to 2009 spanning mini-series Ultimate Hulk vs. Wolverine!

Ultimate Wolverine vs Hulk 1

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