Wednesday Nerd Art Showcase

Greetings evil brethren! In today’s Wednesday edition of our Nerd Art showcase we are showing off more work by a guru of the genre, Tom Kelly. He’s been displayed a few times on our site and we keep finding more awesome stuff to show. There’s something about the simplicity in the (generally) minimal colors he uses that make his characters and art prints really stand out. Arthur Harkness hasn’t seen these yet, but mark my words his brain is going to melt when he sees the Viking Spider-Man picture…too many things he loves happening at once.



wolverine_blue_by_tomkellyart-d5rwmzmpunisher_crosshairs_by_tommm9-d4rji95 viking_spiderman_by_tomkellyart-d5r40yh




At Tom’s deviant art page you can see a much larger and extensive gallery of his work. Many of these prints are also for sale at his online store. Keep your eyes peeled for our next evil geeks nerd art showcase!

All images and characters depicted are copyright of their respective owners.

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  1. i just got semi hard looking at that viking spidey….amazing

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