Comic Book Panel of the Day 1/29/13

Morning Geeks!

To commemorate the release of The Dark Knight Returns Part 2 on DVD and BluRay, today’s Panel of the Day comes from none other than Batman: The Dark Knight Returns #4!
If you’ve never read this story and are waiting to see the movie, stop here because we’ve got some spoilers. OK, you’ve been warned, now check out this panel…


Basically what Frank Miller gave us in the mid-eighties was what every fan wanted to see. Bats vs. Supes! The series had Batman stepping out of retirement, taking down a gang who razed the city, fighting his arch nemesis, and the end of the gauntlet was the Boyscout himself! At this stage in the game, Superman is the only “Superhero” acting as a dog on the governments leash. He was tasked with taking care of the Bat-problem so goes to talk things out with Bruce, who essentially tells Clark to go fuck himself! The two meet in combat and fanboys across the world got to see Batman lay the smack down on Superman (with a little help from his friends! :)) Anyway, this scene is awesome and has a great twist ending that reminds us that Batman plans for everything and that he can take down Superman whenever he wants!

And as an extra special bonus, check out the trailer for the new movie to see this panel animated then get out there and pick it up!

“We are Criminals, Clark. We always have been.” ~ Bruce Wayne

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