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It’s time for some CCCCCOOOOOMMMMIIICCCCCSSS!!!!  I waxed nostalgic and got all misty-eyed a few days back talking about old school X-Force during my review of issue #1 of Cable & X-Force.  Today’s Evil Geek Book Report is going to follow-up on that with a review of issue #2 !  Issue #1 left me wanting a little more old tyme X-Factor action, but still hopeful that everyone’s favorite mutant “terrorists” on the lam might soon return.  So, does issue #2 get us any closer to the good old days?

No, go right ahead Guy I Barely Know.  Just feel free to poke around in my brain as much as you'd like.

No, go right ahead Guy I Barely Know. Just feel free to poke around in my brain as much as you’d like.

The book starts out with X-Force on the run after the confrontation with Havok at the end of last issue.  When they get back to the scrapyard where Cable’s built himself a nifty secret base, it turns out Cable may have slightly bullshitted Colossus about some of the details of what he’d be up to if he joined X-Force and the rusty Russian is a little bit pissed off about that. Peter takes a swing a Cable, who barely manages to escape having a giant steel fist take his head off, causing him to activate some kind of device which deactivates Peter’s abilities.  Unfortunately though, a rampaging, armored, communist is the least of Cable’s worries at this point.  Aside from having a techno-organic blob consuming half of Miami Beach, it appears Dr. Nemesis is going to have to slice open Nate’s skull to perform some quick brain surgery.  Domino and Hope hit the beach while Cable is out, with some gear from Forge in order to take down the techno-blob (is anyone else picturing The Blob dressed up like a club kid? Maybe some glow sticks and an oversized Dr. Suess hat? No? Just me?), and a news crew ends up filming Hope heroically saving some kids from the techno-blob (I’m seriously the only one picturing thumping bass, neon lights, and jiggling flesh? Come on!).  When Cable reawakens, he tells Domino that the problem with his brain is related to visions he’s be having of the future.  He tells her that the visions have shown him that the Earth is being threatened and that he is the only one who can stop the threat.  The end of the story finds Cable running off to meet with Colossus, who has been having a little trouble with his powers since the Phoenix Force incident.  His powers, or sporadic lack thereof, have left him in a half flesh, half steel, composite form, eerily reminiscent of Cable when he was still infected with the techno-organic virus.


Overall I liked this issue better than the first one.  I like the dynamic that Hope brings to the team as Cable’s daughter, she represents a life of “normal” responsibility that he’s always wanted, but his life as a soldier has prevented him from having it.  He knows it’s time to settle down, but he feels like he has to complete this one last mission before he can do that.  I was disappointed with one aspect of this issue though, what looked to be the Phalanx at the end of issue #1, turns out to be just some generic techno-organic mass.  I was really hoping for a Phalanx story, damn it!  Maybe it’ll develop into that, but as of the end of this issue, there was no mention of one of the coolest 90’s villains that I can remember.  I think the Phalanx would be a great adversary for Cable, or the way cooler T.O. Virus Cable anyway, because they are basically the thing he is fearing becoming: A robotic, hive minded, being completely overrun with the T.O. Virus.  That’s the thing that he was constantly fighting with himself not to become, but that aspect of the character has now been taken away and he’s back to being a regular, old, time displaced mutant.  Another thing that bugs me about non-virus Cable is the robotic arm he’s now lugging around.  Yeah, not a fan of that.  The design just looks goofy and when you think about it: Why bother of removing the cyborg aspect of the character if you’re just going to give him a robot arm to compensate for the fact that he’s not a cyborg anymore?

Weirdest Baywatch episode ever...

Weirdest Baywatch episode ever…

So even though we got faked out by the false Phalanx sighting, there was still a possible cameo by a 90’s X-Force villain in this book.  I don’t want to spoil the surprise, but while Hope is being interviewed by the news team after saving the kids, we see that someone with a FAMILIAR (and I mean that in more ways than one) silhouette is watching the news cast.  It seems they are the one responsible for unleashing the techno-blob as a means of getting Cable’s attention.  Who could this mystery villain be?  Again, trying to avoid the spoiler here, but if my guess is correct, I’ll just say it’s someone who’s thought to be long dead.  I guess we’ll just have to keep reading to find out if I’m right.

That’s all for now Evil Geeks, but remember: as long as we’re reading comics, a brand new Evil Geek Book Report is only a few more days away!

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