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This just in Evil Geeks, in some absolute DREAM casting news, Spielberg Mega-Fanboy JJ Abrams has been named as the director of Star Wars Episode VII.  This is definitely a GREAT sign that the new Star Wars movies are going to be light years ahead of the disappointing second trilogy.  In case you’ve been living in a geek vacuum for the past decade or so, Abrams is the director movies like Mission Impossible 3, Super 8 and mega-blockbuster Star Trek.  Abrams has also had a hand in creating some memorable geek-out shows like Alias, Fringe, and this little sleeper that you might have heard of called Lost.  This decision is sure to be met with both approval and scorn amongst the Star Wars fandom, but this Evil Geek is sure excited to hear this latest development simply for the fact that this is the closest the world will ever get to having a Star Wars movie directed by Steven Spielberg.  Abrams is an unabashed Spielberg lover (I mean come on, who isn’t.  Unless you were in a coma for a really long time and when you woke up the first movie you saw was A.I.  If that’s the case then I really cant apologize enough), so much so that the movie Super 8 is in essence one long love letter to all of Spielberg’s greatest hits.  What do you think Evil Geeks, is this a brilliant move by Disney or are you now declaring through a veil of tears that JJ Abrams is raping your childhood?  Let us know in the comments section!

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  2. Love the new Star Trek movies. I am excited by this move! I made the mistake calling the Dark Knight Brokeback Batman, I am hoping to redeem myself now.

  3. Absolutely Amazing News!

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