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Are you frustrated because there isn’t enough time in the day to devote to RPG’s?  I may have a solution to your problem.  Fantasy Defense on the IOS is the answer.  The best part is its 100% free!!!  The game is quite simple.  Defense is not only the name of this game, it’s the whole game and it’s cool.  There’s not much of a story other than the brief cinematic at the beginning of  the game.  Basically, there was piece in the land after a great evil was sealed away.  Now that piece is threatened after the seals are broken.  It’s up to you to save the kingdom from these foul beasts.  The graphics in the game are cool and are inspired by the Japanese RPG style you’ve seen in early Final Fantasy games.  There are 5 levels, each with 10 maps and a final Boss battle for each level.  In each map you ave to defend a gate from hordes of monsters.  The monsters travel along a path that leads from their entrance to your gate.   You can call up soldiers and three heroes and position them along the pathway to defeat the monsters.  You’ll have an army of knights, archers, mages and unlock-able heroes at your command.

fantasy d2

Plenty of classes to choose from and upgrade

Strategy is a big part of the game.  Who you choose and where you place someone matters. For example, a mage or an archer has more range than a knight. Placing a character in the right spot, can be the difference in winning and losing a battle.  Some characters also come with special abilities.  For example, the Brandisher has a stun ability and the Ice mage freezes enemies in their tracks.  Some enemies are so quick you need soldiers that slow them down, while the more powerful members of the group do their thing and kick some ass.  The three Champions all have a level clearing summon attack they can use.  After a brief cool down period, it’s ready to use again, as long as you have mana to spend.  So spend wisely!!!   Each gate that you are defending has 20 hit points.  If 20 monsters make it through, you lose and have to play that board again.

fantasy d

Character and stage graphics are awesome

There are two ways to build up your party. You can use the gold (only for soldiers)  and mana (points required to summon heroes), one is for your unit and the other if for your heroes.  As you defeat enemies, you’ll acquire more gold and mana that can be used to summon more soldiers and level them up as well.  The only annoying part is that once you finish a level, your army and heroes start the next level over from scratch.  Don’t get pissy just yet.  After each victory  you acquire hero points. These points can be used to upgrade your army and heroes.  The customization is limited, but it does give you that special RPG feeling of building up your party.


Positioning and planning are the key to winning each battle!!!

The best part of this game is that you don’t have to purchase any add-ons to beat it. If you find yourself getting your butt kicked, you can go back to any of the previous stages and play any level over again. The hero points you get for victory don’t diminish. You can slowly max out the abilities of your army and then head back to battle. This is a must actually. The 5th level will make you lose your fucking mind as you get your ass kicked time and again.

fantasy d3

Check out the chesticles on this babe!!!

Fantasy defense is a lot of fun for free.  If you like RPG’s this game is for you.  You can easily get lost  for hours playing a console RPG.  Don’t get me  wrong, that’s fun.  But, who has the time?  If you don’t or need to kill time waiting online at a store, at a doctors office or even taking a massive dump, then Fantasy Defense is the way to go.


4/5 Cybertronian Souvlaki’s

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