Good-Bye Attack of the Show and X Play!



Evil Geeks, it’s a sad day when any one of our Geeky brethren leave this world, but today is an especially sad day as two of the biggest pioneers in Geek themed entertainment are taking their final bow.  Tune into to the channel that’s soon to no longer be known as G4 tonight at 6pm for the special one hour final episode of X Play, followed by the one hour final episode of Attack of the Show at 7pm.  It’s entirely possible that The Brotherhood of Evil Geeks wouldn’t even exist today if it weren’t for shows like this leading the way and inspiring nerds like us to go out and rant about the stuff we love.   From now on there will always be a hole in my nightly schedule from 6:30 to 8 where these shows once stood.  We thank you for countless hours of entertainment, we will without a doubt miss you and are incredibly heartbroken to see both shows go.  It’ll be our proud duty as well as that of countless other nerd and geek themed websites, to pick up where they are leaving off and continue on the work that they have started: constantly bringing you the latest developments in all things nerdy!  So take a moment tonight to pour one out for our fallen comrades and tune in one final time to show your love to the folks that kept us entertained for so many years.


If you strike us down, we shall become more powerful than you can ever imagine!

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