Comic Book Panel of the Day 1/23/13

Mornin’ Nerds!

Last week I was on a bit of a Batman kick with my panels so I’m off to the Marvel Universe for a fun panel staring bright eyed, pre-despot Scott Summers from All New X-Men #6 (click here for the full review of the book.) You know the story so far, Beast brought the original X-Men team to the present day with hopes to make present-day Scott feel like an asshole for all the bad stuff he’s been up to lately. As with any story with people out of time, there are bound to be some Mwa Ha Ha moments since they have no clue what is going on, here is one such moment…


Mwa Ha Ha Ha Ha!
Bendis can be one helluva funny writer sometimes, because that is classic! Young Scott doesn’t think twice about fighting his own future self but is concerned about the water? Awesome!

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