Villain Spotlight: Born on a Monday

Greeting and salutations evil geeks! I would like to welcome you all to a new column that has just been brainstormed, and brain tornadoed in to a steaming pile of villainy. For every hero we need a foil. So I decided to do a nice little spotlight on some of the best villains to grace comics/movies/or any other medium. I mean with all the heroes getting the spotlight, maybe we should shine a blacklight on our dastardly dapper denizens of the underworld. Let’s do it!

In the mid to late 90’s, Cartoon Network was hitting its stride in terms of being a legit network station geared only to playing cartoons. One such cartoon was the Justice Friends. A group of heroes (The Justice League) battles the Legion of Doom for the fates of all mankind. Featuring a list of villains famous and obscure, the Legion brought terror and fear to the masses. I loved the Legion. Even more so due to the fact that they were airing short comedy dubs of Legion parts that were hilarious. One such short featured Lex Luthor demanding things from the League, when a certain man (?) in the back stands up and decides to make his voice heard over the rabble of the other villains. SOLOMON GRUNDY WANT PANTS TOO!! The pale dead monster issued this statement with such intensity, that I tried forcing my pants through the screen just to give them to him.


“Give this man some fucking pants!” I would yell at the tv to no avail. Hard as I tried, I could not give the man the pants he desired….(grow up). However, I was fascinated by the giant beast that I had to look him up and see what else he was in. I was not disappointed by what I found.

Odin knows I am a huge fan of characters that evolve and change without actually changing, if that makes any sense. Solomon Grundy is an immortal beast that cannot be killed. You can knock him down, bury him, put him on the moon, laser beam him, pretty much whatever, but he will keep coming back. Sometimes as a mindless beast, other times as a slightly intelligent monster who wants nothing more than to kill Alan Scott. He is a fascinating character in my book mainly due to the single mindedness of him for the bulk of his stories. Most villains have other motives, be it money or power, it seems Grundy just wants to beat things up or really, really kill Alan Scott. He is also essentially a zombie(and we all know how much Arthur loves zombies), which makes him that much more badass. In a world full of Luthors, Jokers, Nekrons, and Rogues, sometimes, all you really need is a mindless monster for the hero to fight. And Solomon Grundy is always down for a fight.


Different writers have done different things with the character, ranging from him being a half completed plant elemental to him being reborn as innocent and child like. Regardless of the way he is presented, almost always he returns to the malicious character we have all grown to love. He has also had an on and off friendship with Bizarro, which in all honesty, is quite possibly one of the best things to ever come out of comics. Two deranged and nigh unstoppable beings (although lacking in the brain department) form a friendship that has got to be one of the coolest and *coughcutestcough* to come out of comics in a long time. I highly recommend checking out a series with them in it together. It’s rather worth it.

solomon and bizarro

Now I know Grundy isn’t a huge villain to be getting first crack at the spotlight, but he is one of my villains. My own personal rogue’s gallery. No, I did not create him, but if I ever got the chance, I would love to write a story including him as a focal point. He starred in his own Faces Of Evil tie-in that came out around the time of Final Crisis (DC’s huge crossover event from a few years back) and shared the racks with guys such as the Parasite, Prometheus (YES!), and Deathstroke (double yes!!). Focusing on their lives and pasts gave us all a nice understanding of where they are coming from. Not all villains need to be AAA listers to be a pain to the heroes (Prometheus!!). Sometimes all you need is tunnel vision and two giant fists to bash someone’s face in. Here’s to you Solomon Grundy, who was born on a Monday. Let’s hope one day you and Arthur can go on an adventure together (once again, grow up).

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