Oh, What a Tangled Web We Weave…

If you’ve ever worked in an office full of young-ish people, you’ve noticed how quickly that community becomes a network of awkward sexual crossovers.  Well, it recently occurred to me that Avengers Tower is just as bad as any workplace I’ve ever encountered.  And it doesn’t stop there, folks…

I’ve created this handy chart to express the flow of “attention” in the Marvel Universe. I’ve only included relevant partners, so any civilian “dead ends” have been omitted.  I present it to you; My gift to the world upon this Martian Luthor Kang Day.

eskimo chart

Be Safe, Geeks.

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  1. What about spider-woman?

  2. Spidey to Skip connection = pure genius. Also Wolvie & Domino got busy a few times. 😉

  3. We don’t like to talk about Skip Westcott…

  4. I think it was Wizard magazine once did something like that, and managed to link Tony Stark with Galactus. Yeah.

    • Galactus and Frankie Raye have a weird kind of tension about their relationship, but I could find any evidence of an actual physical relationship. I really, really want to be proven wrong though… How awesome would that be?

      • Actually, Wizard’s version had Dazzler connected to Galactus, since she did a job for him once. And then, through other people, tied it back to Tony.

  5. Can you enlarge the image for us with bad eyes?

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