Game of Thrones Returns 3/31/13!

Good Afternoon Nerds!

It’s almost that time again for Game of Thrones to return to Sunday nights and for you to set up your DVR for both AMC and HBO. After last years battle with DragonFire and the ending shot of Zombie White Walkers I am so psyched to get back to the world of George R.R.Martin. HBO has put out a new online video to promote the show and get us ready to return to Westeros…Check it out Here!

Awesome, right? I can’t wait for 3/31, so I know that I’ll be spending my nights watching HBO GO in preparation. Also Nerds, make sure that you visit the Brotherhood of Evil Geeks every Monday to catch a recap and a review from the world of Westeros from Greekimus Prime to go along with our Zombie Roundup from C-Mart!

Winter is Coming!

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