Comic Book Panel of the Day 1/21/13

Happy Monday Geeks!

Over the past few days we’ve giving you awesome Joker and Batman panels from Snyder and Capullo’s Batman #16 and today we give you our last panel of awesomeness from the title! This one includes the “Bat King’s” entire court, so check it out…

The Court of the "Bat King"

When I read the issue, I couldn’t help but coming back to this panel again and again. For starters, Joker has collected who he feels is the top tier of Batman’s Rogues Gallery, but I don’t think its out of respect or anything, its more like the old saying; Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer! The Joker has assembled these fine criminals as “The court of The Batking!” We start with Bishop Cobblepot, who cultivates Gotham’s true religion; Violence!!! Then the is Sir Edward, The Strategist; because he keeps the Bat’s mind sharp. And the Honorable Mr. Dent; who shapes the laws of chaos. And of course to complete the court, we have our Jester who keeps us all laughing our ass off! If that awesome image isn’t enough, Joker has forced some guests to the party dressed like Justice Leaguers and has his own version of Excaliber… A highly electric chainsaw in stone! SIMPLY AMAZING!

This issue had so much going for it and I can’t wait another three weeks for Batman #17, if you aren’t caught up yet into Batman, then here’s your chance, so one more time… GO READ BATMAN NOW!

Stay Geeky!

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