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As Martian Luthor Kang Day continues the Evil Geeks bring you the second installment in a series of interviews that we like to call Ask Kang. You can read this first part here.


Working at a comic store what kind of trends do you see? What comics are consistently purchased?

Batman, Batman, and Batman. Other books seem to fall out of favor with the masses, but the Dark Knight is consistently popular no matter what they do with him. The X-Books have taken a huge drop in the last few years, and the Avengers have filled the vacuum. Also, people who were casual fans are always nostalgically buying old Spawn issues, but the current ones barely sell.

Digital comics. Helping or hurting the industry because of rampant piracy?

Actual legitimate digital comics are helping, since in my experience the widely available pirate copies are scans of paper copies rather than the digital versions so they’d exist even if the companies didn’t make the books available digitally.

Did you know awhile back there were plans to make a live action Castlevania movie and a live action Voltron movie? How do you feel about that?

I’d heard about the Voltron one, not Castlevania. I think Voltron could have been cool! But not Castlevania…that would have been too much like Van Helsing, which I often melodramatically cite as the worst film ever made.

What video game series is ripe for a big budget motion picture?

Three words.

Metal Gear Solid.

Had any comic book movie pre The Avengers (not including Batman) ever got it right?

I assume we’re also excluding Iron Man, Captain America, etc.  I think the Richard Donner Superman did. It was a bit goofy at times, but that was the spirit of the comic in those days… And it was nowhere near as goofy as the sequels would be. I also have a soft spot for Punisher (the Tom Jane one), it has some serious shortcomings, i.e. Travolta, but I still enjoy it thoroughly.


What franchise should IDW or Dynamite comics acquire the licensing rights to that would make a good comic?

I doubt they’d ever make it work (and if it happened, it’d probably go to Dark Horse) but I’d love to see a well-produced Legend of Zelda comic. Maybe even an anthology series with different styles comprising different sections within each issue.

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