Fringe Ceases To Exist…. At Least In This Universe

MMMrrrpphh mmmnn mmmrphhhmmhm!!!!

MMMrrrpphh mmmnn mmmrphhhmmhm!!!!

What a long, strange ride Evil Geeks!  Hope you were able to tune in for the series ender for Fringe last night, because it was a hell of a show!  If you haven’t seen it yet you should probably check it out first, then come check out this wrap up, but here’s a little preview to get you hooked.  Over the past five seasons, we’ve been exposed to strange viruses, watched people turn into mutants, jumped dimensions, and in general, seen all sorts of sci-fi craziness.  After five years of oddities, what’s the best way to end the story and still surprise the viewers?  With ALL of that insanity jam-packed into one episode!

And Peter Bishop wept, for there were no more Fringe Fridays to conquer.

And Peter Bishop wept, for there were no more Fringe Fridays to conquer.

The final two hours of the series, “Liberty” and “An Enemy of Fate” focus on the Fringe Team’s operation to rescue Michael, the Observer child who’d been captured by Windmark at the end of the last episode, then pulling off their plan to reset time and prevent the Observer’s from ever being created.  The team discovers that Michael is being held at the Statue of Liberty, which has been turned into a fortress by the Observers.  The only way the team figures they can break in, is if they rely on Olivia’s Cortexiphan fueled ability to shift between two dimensions.  Once they rescue the boy, they will then execute the plan devised by Walter and Donald to send the boy into the future to in an effort to prevent the Observers from ever existing, thus meaning that the Observers will never invade in 2015, creating the hellish nightmare that the team currently finds themselves in during the year 2036.  Aside from preventing the invasion, the resetting of the timeline would mean that Peter and Olivia’s daughter, Etta, will never have died at the hands of Windmark.  Not to mention, if the Observers never invade, then Peter and Olivia will never spend 21 years frozen in amber.  They will get to raise Etta and live the life that they completely missed out on.

It's time to slice up some freaky looking kids!

It’s time to slice up some freaky looking kids!

Along the course of the final 2 hours, the fans are treated to some callbacks to earlier seasons and we also get to check in with some characters we haven’t seen for a while.  When Olivia travels over to the other side, the minute she enters the dimension Fringe Division alarms start going off like crazy in their HQ.  Olivia is captured, but luckily she’s got some friends in high places.  It turns out that Faux-Livia and Lincoln are the honchos of Fringe Division now AND they’re MARRIED!  They also have a kid!  Lincoln later tells Olivia that Walternate is actually still alive and lecturing at Harvard at the ripe old age of 90.  Sadly, we don’t get to see him. I personally think John Noble would have killed it as old Walter and probably would have left us laughing the entire time.  Later on, Astrid brings Walter to see the most important member of the Fringe Team, who still actually is frozen in amber:  Gene, Walter’s lab cow!!!  Unfortunately for Gene, she can’t be un-ambered just yet, because her constant mooing would be loud enough for the Observers or their Loyalists to hear.

Damn it! That cow had two days left until retirement when she was ambered!

Damn it! That cow had two days left until retirement when she was ambered!

One of my favorite parts of the finale involves the callbacks I mentioned before.  This is a little spoilery, so if you’re trying to stay fresh, then skip this section – In order to carry out their plan, Peter and Olivia must break into an Observer facility and steal some vital machinery.  Before they enter the building though, they find the fans that feed the building’s ventilation system, then dump in a number of nasty parasites and viruses that they’ve encountered over the past 5 seasons.  They’re using the specimens they’ve collected from their past cases as biological bombs!!!  Brilliant!

As I die-hard fan of the show from the very first episode, I was highly satisfied with the finale.  Both hours filled with suspense and action as the various twists and turns in the race to save or destroy all of humanity play out.  No questions are left lingering at the end, which is a relief.  There is a solid resolution to the overall story arc of the series and they even leave the door open for a movie down the line as one of the Fringe Team must sacrifice their future in order for the plan to work (PLEASE LET THAT MOVIE HAPPEN!!!).  There was line towards the end of the episode spoken by Walter, that I think is not only one of the best lines he’s had on the show (and he’s had a ton of great ones!), but also sums up why I’ve loved Fringe all these years:  As Peter and Walter are preparing for the final showdown with the Observers, Walter is showing Peter some special ammo that he’s created.  Walter explains that it’s anti-gravity ammo, so once an Observer is shot, they will just drift away into space.  Peter then asks “If the Observer is shot, then they’re dead, why would we need them to float away?”  Walter turns to him and with a coy, mischievous half-smile on his face, looks at Peter and says “Because it’s cool.”  You got it Walt. Why have I spent five years watching a crazy, tripped out, sci-fi, FBI show, that was always about 3 viewers away from cancellation?  Because it’s cool.

Adios Fringe Friends and thanks for five years of the best sci-fi on TV!


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