Some People Dream Big, The Evil Geeks Dream In Legos

Lego sets are in no short supply in the confines of the Evil Geeks Lair. After we learned about the upcoming Back To The Future Lego sets it made us think about some of the other franchises we would like to see made into Legos. A lot have already been done like Indiana Jones, Lord Of The Rings, Harry Potter, both DC and Marvel characters etc. But there’s a few the Evil Geeks are still waiting on…

Martian Luthor Kang the 117th

The hypothetical LEGO set nearest my heart would have to be Die Hard. I’ve always wanted to see a decent-sized Lego skyscraper anyway, and a miniature Hans Gruber in the boardroom would only make it that much more appealing. Imagine having a miniature John McClane jumping off that tiny roof with fire hose piece clipped between his torso and leg pieces, contacting a little trick window that gives way a few stories down… I’m imagining it so hard that I need to change the subject.

hose jump

However, as far as tie-ins with more mainstream appeal, a dream combination (although staggeringly unlikely) would be a G.I. Joe Lego line. It would be so much fun to see all of the vehicles translated to brick form and with the preexisting models to work with, they’d have years worth of unique sets to release. Plus, a Lego GI Joe video game would be a blast and we might finally get another chance to play with the U.S.S. Flagg aircraft carrier base!


Biff Tannen

The Chronicles Of Narnia


Think about it, they would make the perfect Lego sets. For starters who wouldn’t want a Lego Aslan, noble beast that he is? Who am I kidding, i’m in this to get a Lego made for one of the many nameless Minotaurs that inhabit Narnia. Think about the possibilities this book series offers though, a Lego Caer Pareval, Dawn Treader, the White Witch’s Castle (stone creatures in the court-yard optional), the Stone Table where Aslan was sacrificed and the Tombs from a Horse & His Boy (the last two are a bit morbid but whatever), the Wood Between The World, Aslan’s Country, the Lamp Post and Mr. Tumnus’ Cave, hell even the Wardrobe!


The options are endless.

Arthur Harkness

So I was asked by my fellow geeks to add a couple of things that I would like to see in Lego play set form. I originally took that as having to do with the Lego video game series, however it was for the actual plays sets. Which in reality, I appreciate more now. I love the Lego games, but I haven’t had a chance to build/play with an actual Lego set in a long time, which got me quite a bit more excited because it brought with it a sense of nostalgia. By the way, can we choose a new word for that? I always think of Malebolgia from Spawn. I don’t know why, it just happens. Prefer to think of good thoughts for my childhood rather than hell ruling demons. Even though that is still pretty awesome. Regardless, back to the topic at hand. LEGO SETS!! Specifically, which ones I would like to see. Mush!!



I would love to see a play set built around on of my favorite games. I think that Rapture, specifically the opening scene in the foyer after coming out of the first bathysphere you encounter, would make a great play set. The Gatherer’s Garden machine at the top of the stairs, Lego garbage cans, a double stairway leading up to the vending machine itself, and the doorway that opens up to Rapture proper, would provide a nice setting for Lego splicers, Big Daddies and Little Sisters. Considering how this area/level is the place where everything begins (technically….) , it would be a nice start off point for future BioShock play sets. Also as a nice little touch, if you could flip around the set and reveal the opening scene when you first locate Rapture in the sea, the statue of Andrew Ryan after you open the doors would be one of the best things ever. Trust me….It would be awesome.It also lends itself to future release of Rapture citizens and different characters. Big Sisters, Tenenbaum, Ryan, Sander Cohen (yes, please), Falcone, Atlas….the list goes on.It is simply just waiting at the bottom of the sea for someone to make it.

The Running Man


Picture this set. The long chute that sends the runners directly into the play field. Turn the set around, and you have a wasteland filled with the remains of former contestants and of buildings from years past. Killian pushing you down the chute while you threaten him with a tiny Arnold would be absolutely amazing. The design wouldn’t be all that difficult either. It also lends itself, much like Bioshock, to after release sets of newer figures and add-on sets. Such as SubZero’s hockey rink, or a light up Dynamo figure, with or without the Opera function…..might as well make it with for authenticity’s sake. However, the only downside would be the lack fo Jessie ” The Body ” Ventura. mainly because no Lego mold would be able to hold in that much raw power. It would need to be made of concrete. To be honest, if I owned this play set, I would use it mainly to send Richard Dawson’s Lego figure screaming into a horrible death chute that actually just ends in a brick wall with spikes. Killian deserved to have his stomach punched so hard that it breaks his spine. Like for real. For good measure, maybe even give us a Lego Langoliers? I mean who wouldn’t want to hit Balky in the face with a toaster in a sheet? Actually I wouldn’t…Bronson Pinchot is just way too awesome for that treatment.


I am what one would deem an enormous “George Romero Fan”, so there’s two massive playsets that I would love to see made. The first one being a Lego Farmhouse from Night of the Living Dead.

Lego brains are the tastiest of all!

Lego brains are the tastiest of all!

It wouldn’t be just the farmhouse either, you’d get the shed where the gas pumps are and even a Lego pick-up truck for young redneck lovers to get blown up in! I would seriously be able to play with that for hours. Rearranging the zombies, adding fortifications to the house, writing scenes of racially charged drama between the survivors, I could go on and on all day.

The other playset of course would be the Monroeville Mall from Dawn of the Dead!

Zombies love Old Navy!

Zombies love Old Navy!

This one would be truly gargantuan! You could set up different hiding areas for the survivors or spend entire weekends having them clear the mall of zombies over and over again. Plus as a bonus, you’d get a little Lego car to mow down zombies with inside the mall AND a Lego News Helicopter for who’s ever left alive to escape in! Plus each playset would come with a big ass bag of Lego zombies and you could buy buckets of extra ones too at your local toy store too, so that you can really turn the heat up on the remaining humans (providing that there still are operating toy stores anywhere in the US today of course). Who knows, if these sets sell enough, maybe we’d even be able to get a playset that re-enacts the opening scene to Dawn of the Dead someday!

Since Lego is pretty good at releasing play sets centered around popular licenses, I think we have a good shot at seeing any of the ones on the list in Lego form. If there are any that you readers would want to see, let us know about it!

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  1. No worries man, we definitely appreciate the enthusiasm. If we can’t rant on about the stuff we love here, then where can we I ask you!?! Ghostbusters Legos would be REALLY bad ass, I’m kind of jealous that I didn’t think of that one first.

    Also, jut got home to find the new Game Informer with Lego Marvel Superheroes on the cover waiting for me. Can’t wait to check out the article, that game is going to kick ass.

  2. Without inundating my twitter feed more than I have w my lego obsession, I come straight to the geeks to nerd out hard about lego. In case u didnt know lego cuusoo is the system set up by which people can submit ideas. They will only be CONSIDERED by lego after 10000 votes, and then have many more hoops to jump through. Back to the future got there and the liscencing thankfully was acquired. I love narnia but don’t think it has the widespread appeal it should. A set that is a room w just a wardrobe that the minifigs can fit through w a snowy scene on the other side w the lamppost would be awwwwwesome. And they have made a lego minotaur if u really want one! Somebody made an amazing “big daddy” from bioshock you could probably find easily w a google search. In reference to the zombies, somebody made “the Winchester” from Shawn of the dead, it’s amazing and got 10000 votes but lego deemed the source material inappropriate for their primary target audience, stupid kids. Sad but understandable. Years ago when the first spidey set was released my just-over-the-age-on-the-box-self was like screw the # on the box, it’s Lego spidey! And now that they’ve made the tmnt sets, which I have way more of than ill admit, and they are going to make the delorean, I don’t know what else I could ask for. Ghostbusters, Thundercats would be awesome but lego juat started their own “chima” theme that is all anthroporphized animals (minifigs are very cool, sets leave something to be desired) including lions, and the mane (bad pun) one looks like lionO anyway. Options would be limited but I love where the wild things are, would love to see those characters in lego. My little brother made a seriously badass custom max minifig. A set of his room w the forest over taking it would be nasty. Damn, now I might have to make the narnia set I suggested and the wild things one. You hear about lego marvel superheroes game?! over 100 playable characters from across the marvel universe! more than any other videogame has had or likley will. I apologize for this super intense post, I like lego. I could go on, but I won’t. Evil salutations geeks!

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