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Todays Panel of the Day comes from the brand new Batman #16 by Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo! First off, if you’re not reading Batman right now then you are certifiably crazy! The creative team behind the book have given us an amazing story complimented by such powerful art that it is not to be missed.

Say it with a SMILE!!!

Say it with a SMILE!!!

Today’s panel stars the Joker. This guy has been around absolutely forever, and although he is a murdering psychopath, I can’t say that his visual ever really scared me or creeped me out, that is until now! For starters, in this image he is friggin’ mad as all Hell and all sorts a’ crazy! To add to it, check out his face… if you haven’t been reading here’s a spoiler for you… He cut his face off for a year and recently went back to get it. So his ears and neck are bright white but his face is all faded because the flesh has been dead for a year and it’s literally being held on by fish hooks and line (hardly)… He almost looks like a Walker! Along with that, look at his eyes… One is bright green and the other one is faded out like he has a cataract, which only adds to the crazy factor. He’s so intense that the fishing line holding his face together is snapping and the skin around his mouth is all disconnected! I’ll tell you what, Joker had never been nearly as deadly as he is in this carnation and he is not afraid to get his hands dirty in his quest to Build a Better Batman!

Kudos to Greg Capullo for taking such a recognizable villain and transforming him into something that scares the bejesus outta you!


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