Past, Present and Future: The Good Doctor

Aaaahhh the summertime. Warm weather, grilling, hanging out by the pool…disgusting. Most people who know me understand that I am not a huge fan of the summer. The heat and sun do not mix well with my pale, brittle body and I tend to mostly stay indoors. Now don’t get ol’ Arthur wrong. I am not opposed to going out and enjoying the nice weather, but moderation is key to keep up this nerdy tan. One such summer a few years ago though, I found myself lacking in the entertainment section. Already blasted through most of the movies and shows I liked on Netflix, I decided to take a chance on a show I had heard about a while ago, but just never had the time. Little did I know that this show would quickly consume my life and make me a devotee forever. Something old. Something new. Something borrowed….Something Blue!


The worldwide phenomenon that is called Doctor Who had just appeared on Netflix, so I decided to take a chance on it. Not one to easily step out of my comfort zone, I took the plunge to see what this was all about. I was slightly confused when first getting into it mainly because I felt that there was so much I missed since its debut in 1963, but I jumped in anyways. My first experience with the Doctor was with Christopher Eccleston’s Doctor, which is the Ninth regeneration (he dies, comes back with a new face and keeps on going!) To be honest, the first two episodes I found very lacking . I noticed charm and wit in his face, but there just wasn’t that spark just yet that grabbed hold of you and made you want to keep watching. It was as if they just were very nervous about the show and how it was going to be received. Which is understandable. But, like all things I acquire an obsession with , it just takes a little time to become invested. I jumped back in a few days later to catch the third episode, and thoroughly enjoyed it. I decided to keep watching, and then got to an episode titled “Dalek”. Ladies and gentleman, if you have not watched an episode of this show before, do yourself a favor and watch this episode. It was mind blowing. This is the episode that started an internal obsession with a time traveling alien that would blossom beyond just the show. Christopher Eccleston had solidified his place in the show, and made me a fan. But not all things are as they seem….

An announcement was made that stated Christopher Eccleston was not going to be returning for a second season as the Doctor. He would be replaced by a man I had only vaguely heard of through guest appearances and minor roles in movies. His name is David Tennant. I was mortified. How could they switch the main actor right as I was getting super involved? I was angry and upset, and I didn’t want any part of that show anymore. I still decided to give it a shot though, mainly out of curiosity. I am so glad I did. David Tennant is, and forever will be my Doctor. His charm and wit bled off the screen into a mix of just pure awesomeness. He was born to play the role, and if you read some interviews, he will tell you the same. Now don’t get me wrong, I love the Christopher episodes, but I just simply fell in love with David Tennant as the Doctor (Arthur has no problem admitting that!) Specifically the “Silence in the Library” two parter and “ Blink”. Please do yourself a favor and watch these episodes. You will love them. But Alas, not all good things are meant to last. Word got around that David was leaving the show as well after a solid run as the Doctor. Once again, I found myself heartbroken and looking for answers.


What was I going to do now that he was gone? Will some new guy come in and ruin the show? The short answer to a long question…is absolutely not.

News flooded in on the sites and stories were being told of a new man who had been cast as the Doctor. A relative unknown by the name of Matt Smith. I had legitimately never heard of him, and was very, very skeptical as to what he was capable of. I was still grieving the loss of David, and wasn’t sure if I could handle the new actor. I was wrong. Matt Smith has taken the Doctor by the tail and made it his own man. Whereas Christopher and David both played a slightly dangerous , clever, and brilliant Doctor, Matt Smith made him a genius. There are plans and schemes that the Eleventh sets up that make me wonder why his old self never had that sort of pizzazz and sheer showmanship. Particularly in the “Pandorica Opens”/” Big Bang 2” Episodes. The sheer amount of shit talk he throws down at a specific point (I won’t spoil it for you, but you will hoot and holler at the tv), is purely magnificent. I have a feeling that the producers of Doctor Who (and the genius that is Steven Moffat) know exactly what they are doing when they cast the Doctor. Matt Smith is clearly making the Eleventh a brand new style of Doctor that is perfect for anyone to get into and enjoy. Even though he looks the youngest out of all of the incarnations, he is definitely the oldest and wisest. You can see it on his face, and he just looks like an old man sometimes…but with such a fire in his eyes that you cannot deny him.


Now I have a feeling that most people will be wondering why I did not give more episode recommendations or things of that sort, but to be honest, it isn’t necessary. As soon as you get hooked into it, there will be no episode left unwatched. You will call in to work, and you will want to run Doctor Who marathons and parties .Also, there is just waaaay too much in terms of episodes and back story for just one article. I will have more, especially one for the companions (Oh Donna, how I loved you so. Just as much as Amy.) If you are in the New York area however, and you see a person driving around with a “My other car is a TARDIS” license plate border, send a wave over to your buddy Arthur. Just be safe, the sonic screwdriver doesn’t work on everything unfortunately. If need be, pull me over and we’ll have a sit down discussion on why Doctor who is so awesome, while enjoying some fish fingers and custards.

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