Comic Book Panel Of The Day 1/17/13

Today’s featured panel is nigh-on 30 years old, dating all the way back to 1985’s Fantastic Four #275. In this issue, She Hulk (in her first stint as Ben Grimm’s replacement) was doing a bit of topless sunbathing in her off hours when a paparazzo in a helicopter snapped some very profitable photos. The issue revolves around She-Hulk attempting to stop these photos from seeing the light of day, and as the issue wraps up it and appears as if she has no choice but to face the music, Johnny Storm (who just so happened to have a copy) pops by to show her what finally saw print.


The Star Trek nod refers to the network “correcting” the originally yellow-tinged skin of Spock… not one of Kirk’s multicolored conquests.

We’ll see them some day, my friends.

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