We NEED this for the Evil Lair!

Whats Up Nerds!

So being a big nerd has taught me many things in life including, but not limited to the following: The original Legend of Zelda was way better than The Adventure of Link, there is most certainly a Multiverse out there and on one Earth I am Batman, and most notably that a geek can be defined by the amount of cool shit that they have in their collection! 🙂 With this in mind, I’m bringing you a new regular segment simply titled: We NEED this this for the Evil Lair!

Always remember to display your nerdy collectable like they were a badge of honor!

Always remember to display your nerdy collectable like they were a badge of honor!

C-Mart told us all about his search for a Cap Shield, and Biff has mentioned a bunch of the different Lego sets that he is attempting to acquire. Well today the this that I covet this most for the lair is a Green Lantern Power Battery and Ring! Although I have seen them before at shows, this 1:1 replica is being re-released in May and will stand a whopping 11.5 inches high. DC’s site says that this is the first in an all-new line of Power Batteries, so I definitely may have to come back again for a Yellow Fear Lantern or a Red Rage Lantern! Along with the lantern you get a ring too and from what I’ve read, its actually sized for an adult and will not feel like my finger is being brutally cut off when I wear it!!! This thing retails for around $200, and although the net will most certainly allow me to find it a little cheaper, I always look for these in a local comic shop or at a convention just to get a look at them with my eyes first and then I bargain shop. Always remember the power of the deal and if you’re willing to pay cash money you may get a dealer to take ten or twenty bucks off for you, all you gotta do is ask!

In Blackest Night you're gonna be my new Flashlight!

In Blackest Night you’re gonna be my new Flashlight!

OK my friends, thats it for me today. But the Brotherhood will be on the lookout for all the coolest collectables for our Evil Lair and yours at home too!

Later Nerds!

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