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Are you a fan of Indiana Jones? What about Star Wars? Do you like Harrison Ford? Well of course you do or else you wouldn’t be here. It’s no secret that occasionally nerds can over do it, we’ve been know to like things a little too much. The problem is with a franchise like Indy or Star Wars we’ve seen the movies a zillion times and there’s not much more we can get from them anymore, right?



One Sunday afternoon awhile back in the Evil Geeks Lair I was sitting in Martian Luthor Kang’s prized Alf bean bag chair and perusing the finer workings of the interweb. I stumbled upon a video for Raiders Of The Lost Ark on youtube. I was immediately sucked in. I realized what I was actually watching was called Raiding The Lost Ark a “filmumentary” by Jamie Benning. It’s hard to describe everything it encompasses, but it’s basically the most comprehensive viewing of a movie you’ll likely ever watch. Part of it entails commentary for movies that don’t have commentary. For Indy, we have the big guns like Spielberg and Lucas but also Harrison Ford , Karen Allen and all different people associated with the filming of the movie from stunt coordinator’s down to make up artists. It’s all spliced in at the appropriate moment of the movie when the story or comment is relevant. Now, I’m not one for movie commentaries, in fact I had never watched one before this. The idea alone I guess just never really appealed to me. This however is downright fascinating because all the lulls and stupid things that I’m sure normally go along with a commentary have been cut out. Basically, what you’re getting is all the important or interesting information from 30+ years of interviews.

If that wasn’t enough, it also includes behind the scenes portions interspliced at the correct times in the film. So you’re seeing Indy about to grab the golden idol near the beginning of the movie then all of a sudden it seamlessly cuts to documentary footage of him grabbing it and that scene being filmed. Not only that, but anytime a scene was written for the final film but cut and no footage exists Jamie has gone back and recreated it by any means possible. Whether that be the original concept art or frames used from a comic book adaption, etc. It’s INSANELY comprehensive and helps breathe life and interest into a movie that you thought you already knew everything about.

He’s also done one for each of the three original Star Wars movies and he’s currently working on one for Jaws. Let me tell you, these are definitely worth your time and the best part is as a service to fans of the series he’s made them all free on his website If you have some extra time and your big into those movies do yourself a favor and give it a try. I promise you won’t be disappointed.

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  1. That explains the peanut brittle I found on my favorite chair. You’ve made a powerful enemy today, Tannen.

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