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Just yesterday, DC Comics revealed some of their products for April 2013 and one of the collectables that you will be able to purchase and put in your own evil lair is a new Superman statue based on Zach Snyder’s upcoming film; Man of Steel. Now I’ve seen the trailer (hell I even talked about it here last month,) and I’ve seen some posters for the upcoming film, but the lighting was always very dramatic so it was tough to make out the actual suit. Luckily the image that DC provided for this collectable really allows us to get a good look at this new Superman suit, so take a look see…

Why are so many Superhero costumes scaly?

Why are so many Superhero costumes scaly?

The first thing that I thought was that it was the New 52 suit, but then upon further inspection I realized that it wasn’t at all, but rather an amalgam of both the old Supes look and the new 20-something Superman that is running around in the New 52. Here, take a look at the old and the new and see for yourself.

Here is the real Superman in my mind!

Here is the real Superman in my mind!

And this is what Superboy would've looked like in 10 more years...

And this is what Superboy would’ve looked like in 10 more years…

So if you look at them all, you’ll see that the new movie suit has definitely dropped the red underwear but has really kept a lot of other aspects of the classic costume intact. Lets start at the top, The New 52 version of Supes has this weird turtleneck with a little v cut out of it that Jim Lee seemed to give to every hero that he re-designed but both the Man of Steel version and the old Superman have more of an open neck visible. The belt is removed in the movie costume, but there is a small gold oval in the middle of his waist also similar to the old Superman suit. Also, the boots in the movie costume are also identical to the old Superman suit too! These are small, yet noticeable elements of this costume and I guess my question is this: Why didn’t they make the movie suit just like the New 52 one? Why bring the “old” elements into it? What I mean is this; DC just changed the look of this character in their comics and they made a big deal of the re-design and threw out elements that didn’t look modern enough, so doesn’t it make sense to have the movie follow suit?

I realize that you need to make some changes for film, like color and texture, but it seems to me that stylistically they could have worked closer with DC on this because at the end of the day don’t you want your character to look the same across different forms of media? I know that in other comic book properties this doesn’t happen because the character is so deeply established in spandex continuity and the costume is not logistically sound, but since this movie costume design and the new comic book re-design were both happening at a similar time why not make it look the same? In fact, the folks at DC must have watched the Dark Knight trilogy because the New 52 Batman looks very similar to Nolan’s movie design of the character and overall those are the little things that will help with recognition for potential new fans and readers as they cross over mediums. I truly believe that DC and WB need to better think this stuff out if they are gonna go toe to toe with the Avengers in the future.

This is just one geeks opinion but I’d be interested to know what you think? Do you also think that they could (or should) have been the same? Or do you like the aspects of the “classic” costume built into the movie design? What’cha think?

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  1. Personally, I prefer that there are subtle differences in the costume. This establishes continuity.

    Having the similar but not identical suits tells the audience that these two forms of media are within the same timeline, i.e. the Modern Era of Superman, but are completely different stories done by completely different people. If the suits were identical, then there would be a massive speculation as to whether Man of Steel is within the New 52.

  2. Nice Post Big Evil. I agree with what you’ve said here. Superheroes can be a bit disappointing when they step out of their real self. Something Christopher Nolan did quite a lot in Batman trilogy. Not only did he changed the character of Batman (from an in-control together ‘hero’ to ‘helpless’), he also managed to change his costume from grey/black to all black which I didn’t like at all.

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