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On this fine Tuesday I have for you another panel of the day! Todays panel comes to us from the brand new Star Wars #1 that my main man Kang reviewed for us the other day. This panel shows Vader being berated by Palpatine because of his defeat at Yavin Four.

20 Bucks says that Darth wasn't even listening to the old man yell.

20 Bucks says that Darth wasn’t even listening to the old man yell.

This got me thinking that this must have happened to poor ‘ol Darth on a regular basis because he worked for the guy at the top and also had a ton of cronies working for him. I used to think that Vader was the baddest mother fucker in the galaxy but thanks to this Panel of the Day I will now and always think of Darth Vader as Middle Management for the Empire. With that, Palpatine had to expect that one day he’d go postal and throw him down a Death Star shaft! 🙂

Thats all I got…

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  1. So funny and so true. It’s a good thing Vader wore a mask to hid all the eye-rolling he was surely doing. Let’s face it – he was the emperor’s favorite whipping boy.


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