Angry Birds STAR WARS Review

A Long time ago, in a galaxy far far away…

There was an evil pig empire had that had conquered and enslaved all in their path.   The freedom of the universe depended on a few brave, yet angry, birds. Sound vaguely familiar?   Yes, fellow geeks,  it’s Angry Birds Star Wars, and it’s fucking great!  If you’re knew to Angry Birds, the game is quite simple.  You fling a bunch of pissed off birds at some pigs and try to kill them.  The twist this time, is that the game-play and its hilarious cut scenes are based on the iconic Star Wars franchise.  All levels in the game come right from the original trilogy.  You know, the three good movies.  Damn you Hayden Christnesen, damn you straight to hell. You’re a no talent ass-clown that had the role of lifetime and gave an overall pathetic acting performance. Moving on… It was a blast killing evil imperial snow pigs and destroying giant imperial pig walkers on the planet Hoth or shooting down sand pigs in beggars canyon. If you are familiar with the Angry Birds Outer-space game, the fun and challenging gravity gameplay Star Wars Angry Birds features will be a breeze. If you aren’t, after a little practice and a lot of cursing, you’ll be able to become a master.


Empire is just the best part of Star Wars on any platform!

3410 Topsail Dunes 005 [1024x768] (1)Imperial Pig Walkers!!! Need I say more?

This title is free on Android devices, 2.99 for the Ipad, and .99 for the Iphone. If you love Star Wars and shooting birds at pigs then you need this game. I for one, want more Star Wars cross over titles. With Disney (the real evil, yet awesome Empire) at the helm of this franchise, the endless amount of Star Wars related anything is more than welcome to this Geek.


When when last met, I was the pig and you were the bird, now I am still the pig?


Fat Angry Bird Chewy rules!

I give this game a 4 out of 5 Cybertronian Souvlaki’s.

For all things geeky, let the brotherhood keep you informed.

Till all are Greek!

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