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It’s been a while Evil Geeks, but we’re kicking off 2013 with a brand new What’s Killing My Social Life This Week!  Today we’re looking at the latest entry (at least for the next few months until they release a new one) in the Call of Duty series: Black Ops II.  This game dropped back in November, so I realize I’m behind the crowd on this review, but I’m only just now getting around to checking it out.  The reason for that delay has been Halo 4.  I’ve been pretty hardcore hooked on that for the past few months and it’s taken a herculean effort to tear myself away.  Was it worth it?  Or should I dust off my Spartan armor, fuel up my Ghost and hop back into the Halo universe?

Prepare yourself for intense online combat accompanied by the racist, homophobic, ignorant rants of America's youth in the online modes.

It’s time for some intense, hi-tech, online combat accompanied by the ridicule of racist, sexist, homophobic youths in the online modes!

Treyarch and Activision are back with yet another installment of the Call of Duty Franchise.  I’m willing to admit that I really enjoy shooters; in particular the Call of Duty series.  Say what you will about violent video games, but to me the violence isn’t the main attraction of titles like CoD.  What keeps me coming back is the feeling that I, a fully grown adult male with a job/apartment/car/bills/responsibilities/etc, still get the chance a few times a week to “play army men” with a bunch of people, just like I got to as a kid.  These days, I’ve traded in my green plastic M-16 replica for a black plastic Playstation controller, but the one thing that hasn’t changed is the enjoyment I get out of pretending to do things that I’d never get to do in real life.  Call of Duty has always been the best at bringing out that feeling from within.  The multiplayer is always impeccable, the campaigns totally unnecessary yet still enjoyable if you’re willing to take the time to play them, as well as graphics and sound that are top-notch.  Black Ops II has all of that and more.  It’s set in the future , so you have some of the classic weapons that you’ve gotten used to across the series in addition to cool futuristic, not-yet-invented guns and perks.  There’s drones, orbital satellites, and even a cool Death Ray-like Guardian system.  If you’re into FPS games then this should hit that sweet spot for you.

Having said that… does anyone else feel like we’ve done this all before?  Even though there’s new guns and such, it really doesn’t feel like there’s anything new, revolutionary, or even very memorable about the game.  It feels like a rehash any number of the previous games with slight tweaks made here and there.  I like the new boards from what I’ve seen, but I still find myself longing for some of the older battle grounds from previous entries in the series (specifically the sniper’s paradise that was the Bloc level in the first Modern Warfare. PLEASE bring that back as DLC!)  I understand that it’s become the industry norm has become to squeeze every last dollar out of your customers with constant add-ons and updates, but I’m starting to think that maybe I don’t need a new Call of Duty every six freaking months.  Not only is it killing my wallet, but it’s watering down the genre by dropping another sequel into the pool every six months.  How about instead of giving us slightly different games twice a year, you take a year or two and give us something BRAND new that’s going to blow our minds.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s a solid game, but I could’ve used a little more variation.

Apparently Video Game zombies have a really powerful union (Zombie Local 642), that's why we get a new zombie mode two times a year.

Apparently Video Game zombies have a really powerful union (Zombie Local 642), that’s why we get a new zombie mode two times a year.

One place I will give Treyarch their due respect is in the Zombie Mode that comes with Call of Duty.  Without a doubt, they have stepped up their game in this arena, especially when it comes to the levels.  They all take place in different sections of a zombie infested town (of course, otherwise why would the call it “Zombie Mode”) and contain  some kick ass features.  There’s a downtown area with a blazing inferno of lava raging across the middle of the level and another section featuring my personal favorite: a rideable bus!  They’ve also upped the nastiness factor of the zombies too.  I remember them going down a whole lot easier in earlier games.  Maybe I’m turning into a rusty, noob, but it seemed way tougher to land a head shot.  Even when I did that bastard kept coming at me.  I swear these zombies take more bullets than Ricky at the end of Boyz N’ the Hood before going down (starts sobbing after realizing that’s a 20+ year-old reference that around 6 people will get).

Overall I did like this game, but I can’t shake the sense that I’m just being given a recycled product every few months to juice the last penny out of my bank account.  If you haven’t picked up a good shooter in a while, then I recommend you check this one out.  If you just picked up the last CoD game and you’re not a die-hard fan, then you really wouldn’t be missing out on much if you sat this one out.

It’s shaping up to be a killer spring for video games! I know I can’t wait for a few titles like Alien: Colonial Marines, Grand Theft Auto 5, and of course Bioshock: Infinite…if it’s not postponed.  Again.  I should be back with some more What’s Killing My Social Life This Week in the next few weeks!  If you feel like taking me on or taking down some zombies, hit me up on PSN at CMART0979.

Game on Geeks!

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