The Brotherhood of Evil Geeks Top 5 Thunderdome Throwdown – Costumes, Capes, and Long Underwear… Oh My!

It's THUNDERDOME time again!!!

It’s THUNDERDOME time again!!!

You know the old saying…The Clothes Make the Super-Man (or Woman!) So this month our top five is dedicated to that which ties all super-peoples (heroes and villains) together…The Costume!

Arthur Harkness

What makes a costume? The fabrics? The design? The colors? So many factors can mold what a certain character can look like…possibly even act like depending on what the costume says about them. I have never really been one to hold costumes in high regard, but I wont say that it isn’t a contributing factor. I’m a powers man. I flock more towards that than anything else. But I got to thinking, along with my fellow geeks, who does have the best costumes? My fellow contributors and I have decided to provide you all with a list of our favorites. And not to keep you all waiting, here we go.

5) Future Foundation


I haven’t gotten a chance to read too many stories revolving around this group, however, I really really like the costumes. They look very scientific and almost like lab coats made form fitting. I also like how it just makes all of them who wear it look very intelligent. Also, black and white is my favorite color scheme so that doesn’t hurt either.

4) Carnage


Lord of the Red and Black. I love Carnage. Like I said my favorite is black and white, a la Venom, however the red and black of Carnage just looks so evil and sinister when it comes to the symbiote. You can just feel the crazy coming off of him.

3) Superboy Prime/ Sinestro Corp Armor

superboy prime

This power suit is just so awesome. he doesn’t really need it, but it keeps some yellow sunlight on reserve for him just in case he needs it. I know most of you may think he is just a whiny bitch, but his emotional control problems just make him that much more brutal to me.



I think the redesign and new power set for Mr Brock was very well done. A chance to redeem himself (sort of) and wash away disease is a nice twist on te character. The name I thought was somewhat clever, I mean it just writes itself really, but its nice to see Brock doing something different. Also, if you get a chance, check out the interaction between him and the Punisher. Had me laughing my ass off at Frank’s constant attempts at killing Brock due to his past. Nice little buddy cop adventure.



Say what you will but I find DemoGoblin to be the scariest of all the goblins. Mainly because it looks like they combined a symbiote with the goblin uniform. Not really too popular of a character, but I dig the suit. Makes the Green and Hob look rather tame in comparison. A pumpkin bomb is scary as hell, but when thrown by a man with the face of a nightmare, its god damn horrifying.

Martian Luthor Kang the 117th

5) Xavier Institute Uniform


I’m a sucker for an X-Man in uniform!

I was raised on the X-Men, and nothing tickled my fancy quite like when they show the team in their school uniforms. And I especially like it when they were colored as yellow and black instead of yellow and blue. So many good comic costumes were ruined by the substitution of blue for black.

4) Batwoman


The newest character on my list and one of the big two’s most successful new creations from the past 10 years, Kate Kane was introduced in the pages of 52. When I first saw her there, I thought the costume was cool enough, sleeker than those worn by most of the Bat-Family but not anything to write home about. It wasn’t until J.H. Williams III began working on the character in the pages of Detective Comics that I really fell in love with the costume. The chiaroscuro effect of black leather on porcelain white skin and the incorporation of the costume into the fantastic page layouts made it hard not to be a fan.


3) Havok


Aside from being one of the characters nearest to my heart, Havok is also the proud owner of the one of the sharpest getups in the comic medium. It was, in its simplicity, so different from the comics we’d be seeing throughout the decade that led up to its debut. While it’s undeniably a classic, it feels a bit like cheating to use it because a lot of the fun of the design came from Havok’s powers rather than the costume itself, concentric circles which were oriented facing the reader regardless of which way Havok moved… it feels a bit like cheating, but I’m not above a little unsportsmanlike conduct. They’ve tried on many occasions to reinvent the wheel and have universally failed.

2) Mar-Vell

Captain Marvel is a character that was killed off before I was even born. Since he holds the distinction of being one of the few comic characters who have actually stayed dead, most of my experiences with him were either reprints or red herring situations where Captain Marvel was being impersonated.


But his costume is as close to perfect as any, so it’s actually a shame that it’s so rarely seen these days. The late Captain’s son wore it for a bit and the Plutonian from Mark Waid’s series Irredeemable wore a very similar costume, but I’d be very happy to have a lot more of this suit in my life. It beats Superman’s costume any day of the week.

1) Scott Lang Ant-Man

As a kid, there wasn’t much Ant-Man to be had. I read reprints of the first few issues of Avengers with Hank Pym in the role, and then when I was around 9 Reed Richards disappeared from the pages of Fantastic Four and was replaced by Scott Lang as Ant-Man wearing the same suit with maybe some very slight differences. But then around ten years later when Geoff Johns and Olivier Coipel came onto the book, Wizard featured some concept art and I fell in love with the new design for Ant-Man.IMG_0078It was so cool! So I bought what was very likely my first-ever monthly Avengers book and, while it was a cool story with lots of awesome art and fun storytelling, Ant-Man was in it for, I believe, four panels. And as the series continued, we’d see maybe one background glimpse of Ant-Man per storyline until issue 500 where, after wearing his helmet for what I think was the second time, was blown up. About a year ago he was magically (I’m being literal here, not sardonic) brought back to life wearing that costume (and I should mention it was beautifully rendered by Jim Cheung). He’s currently one of the stars of the Marvel Now! Series FF in a cool new costume… so there goes my favorite.

Biff Tannen

5) The Rocketeer

rocketeer2bBeing the pulp fan that I am, this one was hard for me to resist. I don’t like the movie really, but something about the costume fascinates me. The helmet has that 1930’s Art Deco vibe that I love. It always reminded me of that strange early Iron Man armor before it became the Iron Man suit that we all recognize today. Maybe it’s the fact that The Rocketeer is only just a man behind the mask and all you need to be a hero is a rocket pack, a helmet, a gun and a weird button up aviator jacket (apparently it can also help you to secure a girlfriend who looks like Bettie Page). It’s a sleek design and while it may be linked to a bygone era in a way it’s also timeless.

4) Ms. Marvel


This is another simple but classic costume. One thing is going to be obvious as you go through my list, I’m not big on lots of colors or bright colors. That’s why I like that this whole costume is one dark shade of bluish black and offset only by the super hip 1970’s sash (so cool even Phoenix rocked one) and an old school Robin style eye mask. The bare arms with very long gloves form an interesting symmetry with the long boots and bare legs. Not to mention it’s pretty easy on the eyes as well. Here’s to you Carol Danvers for kicking some serious ass.

3) The Spectre


I know what you’re thinking. (1) How does this qualify as a costume, he’s practically naked and (2) Biff we just found out that you don’t know shit about DC comics. Well you’re right on both accounts and I’ve never read a Spectre comic in my life. I do however, like simplicity in costume designs and it doesn’t get much more simple than this. It’s all about the shade of green and white and how they play off each other. The costume also reminds me of some kind of hooded oracle from ancient Greece. There is something very unsettling and spooky about it to me and that’s how it secured a place on this countdown.

2) Moon Knight


I’ve had an interesting if not…troubled relationship with Moon Knight, but he still fascinates me. There is something very disturbing about a dark twisted hero who wants his villains to see him. Batman opts to blend into the night to give him a one up on his enemies. Not Moon Knight, he wants it painfully obvious who is kicking your ass. It’s a total psychological mind fuck to have such a sadistic nut case dressed in pure white, a color often associated with purity and innocence. It’s even creepier that you can’t tell what’s behind the hood, just darkness with radiating eye slots (either white or turquoise depending on who is drawing). He must have the best dry cleaner ever to keep that white costume so pristine…

I like to think of Moon Knight’s costume and my #1 as the inverse of each other.

1) Spider-Man (Black Costume)


Let it be known, I love just about every iteration of the spider-man costume, except the classic blue and red one. Hell, I even like completely different characters that have similar costumes to him like Deadpool or Grendel. But Spidey’s black costume in the 1980’s takes the crown. It’s so damn sleek. It gave old web head a slight menacing edge that he never had prior. I love that it is all black with a sliver of white. Originally, the costume was a living organism. An alien symbiote that could do anything based on Peter’s mental commands. He soon realized it was slowly taking over his body and rejected it. The symbiote then bonded with Eddie Brock and became Venom.

Venom McFarlane

The costume design didn’t go away. Spider-Man’s girlfriend at the time Black Cat thought the costume was so sexy (I agree) that she sewed a cloth version for Peter. An enduring testament to love, craftsmanship and a costume with the absence of color. It’s simple, elegant and a little scary. Everything a great costume should be.

Big Evil

5) Deathstroke


In case your unaware, good ‘ol Slade Wilson is the Deadpool of DC sans the crazy jokes and hamburger face. This dude can kill anyone and will do it for the right amount of money. Skilled in multiple forms of fighting, a skillful swordsman, and a helluva shot make Slade a very dangerous man. Oh, and did I mention the healing factor? Now to the clothes! The blue and orange seem weird for a bad guy, maybe too bright, but Deathstroke wants his prey to know he is coming for them!

4) AoA Colossus

Age of Apocalypse Colossus

The Age of Apocalypse gave us warped versions of our beloved X-Characters in a world gone bad! Colossus always stuck out to me for many reasons, but one in particular is that he wore a mask in this world and was a general badass, which contrasted the gentle hearted painter that Colossus had become in the 90’s.

3) Batman Beyond

Batman Beyond

Ya just knew I’d sneak a bat on here, right! I really dig the simplistic design choices made on this costume. The black and red pop and although there is no cape, the red wings pop out under the armpits a’la old school Spidey. Nice design Mr. Timm! PS… This one was around waaayyyyy before Batwoman!

2) Deadshot


I love this costume! I remember the first book I read that had Deadshot in it was an old Batman and I thought that he’d win in the end just based on how cool he looked! He has a scope built into his headgear and an automatic firearm built into his wrist. The target on his chest screams “Come on, I dare ya!” Floyd Lawton is probably the only guy deadlier than Deathstroke with a gun!

1) The Flash

The Flash

The Scarlet Speedster has always had that special place in my heart and it started with the look! The color scheme works for the character quite well and the simplistic lightning bolt on the chest pops! I always liked Wally West’s the best because the bolts at the waist converged in rather than the lightning bolt belt that Barry had, and although a small difference it actually made them easy to tell apart! For the most part I even enjoy the other Flash Family costumes, even ol’ Jay Garrick!


5) Brown/Tan Wolverine


Wolverine likes to brag that he’s the best there is at what he does. Truthfully though, there is one thing that Logan certainly isn’t the best at and that is dressing himself. I’m going to go out on a limb and say that Fashion Design isn’t among the degrees offered at the Jean Grey School, because some of his costumes have been downright ridiculous (I’m specifically looking at you Gene Simmons looking, shirtless, biker Wolverine from the Morrison/Quitely era). But one time I think he got it right was back when he rocked the brown and tan costume from the 80’s and 90’s. This one is what I consider to be the classic look for the character, simply because I think that this is when the character was at his coolest. It was the early days of his solo series and it’s the Pre-Origin era so he still had an air of mystery about him.

4) Ultimate Captain America


Let’s face it, it’s going to be incredibly tough for a guy in star-spangled, red, white, and blue clothing to look cool. With wings sprouting out of the side of his head, Marvel U Cap isn’t exactly “pulling it off”. With the Ultimate U reboot of Marvel continuity, Cap’s costume got a sleek redesign, making him look more realistic, utilitarian look. Sure they may be some excess pouching about the midsection and glove areas, but this is WAR damn it!!! Real men carry around stuff…DAMN IMPORTANT STUFF!

3) Dark Phoenix


There’s nothing sexier than a good girl gone bad! Jean Grey was hot enough as the Phoenix when she was in the green duds, but when she went evil and donned the red costume it was way too much for my hormone guzzling, teenage brain to handle when I first read the Dark Phoenix Saga. This was definitely burned into my brain, so it’s definitely on my list of favorite costumes.

2) Age of Apocalypse Magneto


Magneto pretty much had the same costume going for 30+ years, but once the Age of Apocalypse event began he finally got a well deserved makeover. It wasn’t too drastic of a makeover, the color scheme was the same, except there was a bit more purple added. The best part of the new look though was the helmet. Gone was the hokey bucket looking helmet; it was now replaced with a way more menacing, almost Spartan-like helmet. AOA Magneto also wasn’t opposed to pulling in some ambient scrap metal to throw together some impromptu armor on occasion which also made the character look that much cooler.

1) Spider-Man Web Armor


I’m probably going to catch a ton of crap for this pick, but when Marvel dropped this on us back in ’93, it was pretty much the coolest thing I’d ever seen (cut me some slack, I was about 13 at the time this issue came out). This was before the Clone Saga, before The Sensational Spider-Man, before Iron Man Spidey and pretty much every other costume redesign except for the black costume or the Amazing Bag Man, so it was shocking to see Pete in a different costume. Sure he kinda looks like the bouncer at an S&M bar, but it’s armor! Armor make everything cooler!!! With the notable exception of Iron Man Spidey, that shit was just stupid. Or the armor on the new Incredible Hulk. Ok, maybe armor doesn’t make EVERYTHING cooler, but Pete made the armor out of web fluid!!! That’s cool, right? Yeah… no, that seems lame too. Crap. Man I liked some stupid stuff when I was a kid.

Lady Lumos

I personally chose to interpret the theme of “hero” a bit more loosely than the boys. It does not take super powers and spandex to be a hero in my book. Below are my top 5 favorite heroic costumes, and let’s face it, you’re more likely to cosplay any of these than don a Spidey suit.

5) Thor

costume thor2

The God of Thunder deserves a kick-ass costume, and in The Avengers and it’s sort-of prequel Thor, the outfit does not disappoint. Something about gauntlets and capes gets me every time, not to mention how cool it is that Thor can alter the costume at will. The arm-plates only come out when he needs them (likely an excuse to show of Chris Hemsworth’s biceps, but hey, I’m not complaining), and adds a certain…shiny element to the costume. Both looks are awesome, in my humble opinion. In fact, I think I’ll stare at them for a little while.

costume thor

Oh wait, I have 4 more to go. Focus.

4) Indiana Jones

costume indy

Nothing says “iconic” like Indy’s classic look. The hat, the pouch, the whip, the jacket. It all adds up to one heroic costume that many have tried to emulate. If you didn’t don a hat like Indy’s and go on adventures in the back yard at some point in your childhood…then I feel very sorry for you.

3) Hogwarts student uniforms

costume hp

I made (not bought, mind you) a Gryffindor costume when I was sixteen, and have worn it countless times in the ten years that have passed since then. That alone gives the Hogwarts outfits a place on this list. The cloaks themselves are awesome, lined with the colors of your House, and the sweater and tie give it that school uniform feel that make it distinctly Harry Potter. The fun of personalizing with your favorite House colors makes cosplaying Hogwarts outfits a blast. To be honest, I’ve worn my Gryffindor scarf without the rest of the outfit, and it’s immediately recognizable.

2) Fellowship cloaks

costume lotr

A trip to Lothlorien is pointless unless you walk away with some swag cloaks. This rag-tag group of nine came away looking like an actual Fellowship in matching cloaks from the Lady of Lorien. They come in handy, too, like the ability to hide you from orcs, dropping the recognizable broach for Aragorn to find when you’re kidnapped, and they even come in hobbit sizes.

1) Jedi robes

costume jedi

I wouldn’t trust a defender of the Light Side of the Force if he wasn’t wearing tan and brown robes (why they let Anakin wear black leather is beyond me…that was your first warning sign, Obi-Wan!). Possibly the most iconic of movie hero garb, the Jedi robe is my ultimate favorite. I had one custom made for me for the Episode 3 midnight premiere…sometimes I wear it around town for funsies. Just ask C-Mart. The fun part of the cloak is dramatically dropping it to the ground before a lightsaber duel…If you didn’t start humming Duel of the Fates just now, we can no longer be friends.

Greekimus Prime

5) Captain America


How can you go wrong with the stars and stripes? Although he just got a costume change in Marvel Now, Cap has been wearing this look for years and it has always worked for him. There have been changes in the big A and the wings over time, but I still think this one is the best and would bet 20 bucks that Marvel will have him back in this costume in a couple of years.

4) Wolverine (Brown Costume)


Just like C-Mart, I’ve got a lot of love for this Wolverine costume! Back in the 80’s and 90’s Wolverine was just so badass, especially when drawn by Jim Lee!

3) Batman (Circa 1970’s)

1970's Batman

OK, this one is selfish because this is my Batman! I dig the new costume, but I always liked the bat symbol on his chest with the yellow oval around it. He had this look for awhile, but it wasn’t until the 70’s and Neal Adams until he really looked like the Dark Knight rather than a campy sitcom star!

2) Superman


Although there were minor changes throughout the history of Superman, I can honestly say that I always liked the classic costume, red underwear and all! The primary color scheme pops right off the page and screams Super Hero!

1) Spiderman (Classic Costume)


There are lots of Spideys on this list, but I’ve saved the best for last… Classic Blue & Red Spider-Man! Although some small changes over the years, I can honestly say that I’ve always dug the classic threads for Peter Parker over all the different suits they’ve had him wear. At the end of the day, the only word to describe it is… Iconic!

That’s all there is Folks! make sure to check back for more Top 5’s and always remember that The Brotherhood is your one-stop source for all your geeky goodness out there on the internet!

Stay Geeky!

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