The Brotherhood of Evil Geeks Have Invaded iTunes!


Greetings Evil Geek Nation!  Today we’re bringing you some big news that’s been the talk of the Evil Lair for the past few days.  If you’re not familiar with the Evil Lair, the only thing I can say is that a more wretched hive of scum and villainy does not exist anywhere in the galaxy. We’d tell you where it is, but of course we may have some…ahem…legal issues outstanding in various cities, countries, planets and systems.  It’s twice as evil as Snake Mountain and way cooler than Asteroid M ever was.  In fact, it’s so infamous that it’s even got its very own show!  You may have heard our first few episodes here on the site, but we’ve sold out and gone big time.  From now on you can check us out on at the iTunes store!  Our plans for world domination are unfolding swimmingly! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

Cough, cough…ahem.  Excuse me, I tend to get a little carried away with these announcements.  Anyway, check us out and subscribe for free on iTunes right here!

Today your iTunes, tomorrow THE WORLD!!!

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